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Mise En Scene

No description

James Ward

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Mise En Scene

Setting Clamps C-costume. Mise En Scene The actors were used to ascertain the role and gestus they were meant to envelop the personas propagated by us, first of all Jack, he was a character who was a slob he his attitude was intrinsically jejune the eccentric antithesis and so we needed a character to reflect this, ideally, Blayze White, and so he was casted as Jack. Make-up. To maximize the effect of the opening scene the mise-en-scene must be used in cohesion to unify and propagate an ecstatic piece of work which we can identify using clamps. The costumes for our protagonist Chelsea include a variety of 'typical' clothing used to ascertain the typical and bourgeois look that develops her personality and her identity. This will include jeans and a top typical of a teenage girl.
The costume for Jack is a shirt that shows his girth and represent the slob type depicted, this could be a small greyish top to connote his dreary tristesse lifestyle however have a comical picture or slogan to signify he may also enjoy himself despite the gray.
The costume of Tony is a sporty almost uniform of expectations to portray a sporty man using clothes intrinsically linked to sport solitary.
The costume of Martin is clothes that again intrinsically link towards a geeky character or someone who encapsulates and isolates the nerdy role so he will need clothes that represent this i.e. spectacles and maybe a blazer that is worn optionally by said character maybe to go to exaggerate even a tie.
The costume of Barry will be dark and almost a polymerization of a threatening look whilst displaying a sadistic nature.
The other girl in the film clip will be wearing a red hood as intertexuality to little red riding hood as a allusion to the connotation of innocence, this develops additional angst to Barry as he is intervening with pervasive actions Actors. L - lighting. Lighting is generally high key natural lighting to espy the generic conventions of comedy being high key lighting to connote a eccentric ambiance. It is mostly natural lighting as we filmed outside in the day time. This made it easier and convenient for our group to do it at the right time and when everyone could get together. In the house we filmed in we also made sure all the lights were on as it gets dark early and we wanted to make it look light it was still light outside as the antithesis of lucubration. Tony, he's the sporty physically fit type, high maintenance guy, however he is also the type that loves himself. He is the type to job for a while and also cares what he looks like, he supports the new look fashion and keeps to trends and does not deviate into anything only worn in his opinion by bumpkins or even troglodytes. So he is played by Kane Guichard Martin, he is your typical elf loving, troll killing nerdy boy you expect to find in his free time prancing around middle earth, however all we really needed to cast this person is someone with a knowledge of some nerdy colloquialisms the enshroud the semantics of his gestus. So James Ward will be cast as the nerd. Barry is the rather fixated on anything coital, so he does not follow the regular gentleman esplanade to entice the comely girl, instead he follows the antithesis of this to the point females feel antipathy towards him and we wanted (in theory later in the film) to have feelings of alienation to isolate his true melancholic persona. Chelsea, she is the tough stand-offish girl to represent the struggle that some single girls face as a trepidation to connect with the more female target audience and so relates efficiently. No make up is actually used in the production to accumulate a natural sense of beauty and innocence, formulated to amplify a sense of angelical ism at the utmost extreme. Utilizing this we can propagate efficient strategies of creating a dichotomy against the stereotype of girls overusing make-up. Props. Props used contain the following items:
The car, the cigarette, the lighter, the iPhone, the Pringles crisps, the computers, the suitcase and the TV.
These were all utilized to create a sense of realism ubiquitous for collective enhancement throughout the opening 2 minutes.
The car was used to ascertain the vain persona of Tony.
The cigarette, lighter and iPhone where used to create the symbolic 'Thug look' for Barry.
The Pringles crisps and TV were used to envelop and envision the ideals of a slob.
The suitcase was to invoke the ideals of somebody omitting home.
The computers were used to visualize the obvious ambiance of a nerd. The setting that we used for the majority of the 2 minutes were the streets of The Furlongs in Market Rasen. The reason for using this location was that it was fairly secluded and quiet so it really helped with the filming, an addition to this the area contained one of our members houses and so can use it in a way we cannot with any other interior setting.
The other was the computer techs room as this significantly connotes the nerdy persona in a way to suggest an extreme exaggeration.
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