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Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood

No description

rebeka ramirez

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood

Conclusion Presentation of
Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood

Exposition & Climax
Starts out present tense of 50 year old ( artist ) Elaine Risley living in Canada
She returns to her hometown of Toronto for her art exhibit
No type of family love besides her relationship with her older brother Stephen
She recaps on her childhood and teenage years
Flashback of her memories with "friends" Cordelia, Carol, and Grace
Finds peace and protection in a man
Childhood traumas follow you into adulthood.
Your past does not define your self worth.
Works Cited
Rebeka Ramirez
Ms. Kineman
Honors English 10 p2
23 May 2014
The three girls pull a harmless prank by abandoning her in the cold
The constant bullying leads to Elaine turning to self harm
"Iknew what love was supposed to be: obsession with undertones of nausea."
Falling Action
the part of a literary plot that occurs after the climax has been reached and the conflict has been resolved
The somehow intentional prank pulled by the three girls, abandoning Elaine at the Ravine
Calls for desperate help, Virgin Mary saves her
Brother dies
Affair with Professor
the end or finish of an event or process
Toronto (Then vs now)
Cordelia Vs Elaine
Elaine vs Parents
Stephen vs Elaine
3 girls vs Elaine
Womanhood vs adulthood
Titles of Chapters
Painting of Cordelia "Half A Face"
The 3 girls
DEFINITION: The representation of something in symbolic form or the attribution of symbolic meaning or character to something
a literary device wherein the author places a person, concept, place, idea or theme parallel to another.
the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.
“Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.”
“There were no men in this painting, but it was about men, the kind who caused women to fall. I did not ascribe any intentions to these men. They were like the weather, they didn't have a mind. They merely drenched you or struck you like lightning and moved on, mindless as blizzards. Or they were like rocks, a line of sharp slippery rocks with jagged edges. You could walk with care along between the rocks, picking your steps, and if you slipped you'd fall and cut yourself, but it was no use blaming the rocks.”
In attempting to present her own interpretation of "time", Atwood simply achieves to prove that "nothing goes away", by explaing how our how our minds are capable of enabling us to travel around dimensions and be a different person in each one.
Type of writing and the message given from that ( flashbacks of past foreshadowing the conclusion of events.
Variety of Literary Devices
Why do we remember the past, and not the future?
Does the past affect our future?
Does our childhood foreshadow the person we will become?
“You don't look back along time but down through it, like water. Sometimes this comes to the surface, sometimes that, sometimes nothing. Nothing goes away.”
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