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Blood Banana: Chiquita in Colombia

No description

Karen Wan

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Blood Banana: Chiquita in Colombia

Canary Islands
200 AD
Taylor Clay * Karen Wan * Liwei Liu
600 BC
Central and South America, and the Caribbean
Chiquita Banana: The Original Commercial
2 Weeks
Current Issues
The Big Three
What's going on in Colombia?
In 1999, more than half of the population was living in poverty
Civil War had been present since the 1960s.
AUC was one of the largest with 20,000 members
What do bananas and terrorists have in common?
Did Chiquita have another choice if they wanted to continue producing in Colombia?
Chiquita was doing business in a very unstable country
After AUC killed 50 employees, Chiquita felt forced to pay "taxes" to the terrorists
Banana Republic
In 2004, Chiquita revealed their involvement with terrorists groups.
Law suit in 2007
Chiquita claimed that in 2003, it asked the Department of Justice about the payments made to the terrorists. The government did not tell them to stop. Is this an excuse for Chiquita to have continued?
History and Geography
Banana: Chiquita in Colombia
The Big Three
Team Discussion
Get together with a group of 5. Please come up with a market plan to

1. Rebuild the company image

2. Eliminate the negative influence of the lawsuits against Chiquita

What are the two key challenges of Chiquita?
Control costs while supporting innovation efforts

Remain agile in a competitive , fast-paced marketplace
Question: What are Chiquita’s four core values?

Integrity, Respect, Opportunity, Responsibility

1. Assume you are the CEO of the company, how would you react to the threat to company’s employees?

2. Would you still purchase Chiquita’s products after knowing all of the scandals?

Discussion Questions
Thank you
Happy Thanksgiving!
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