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No description

Rodrigo Reis

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Urbanization

Urbanization, Inequalities and
Physical Activity

Time to act!!!
Emancipation in Brazil
From 1550 - 1888
4 mill Africa
5 mill indigenous
1889 Republic
Canudos settlement
Built and Social Environment in Brazil
20,000 Canudo's war veterans
First urban "renovation" in Rio de Janeiro (1903)
Canudos aftermath & the first "favela"
Rural and poor communities
Mystic spiritual preachers
Favelas in Brazil (2012)
A city within the city
Urbanization in the world
Physical Inactivity in the world
Population in the world
Hallal et al (Lancet, 2012)
Life expectancy with the elimination of inactivity
Lee et al (Lancet, 2012)
9% of premature mortality (5.3 mill deaths)
Physical activity interventions in the world
Heath et al (Lancet, 2012)
Physical activity Correlates in LMICs
Bauman et al (Lancet, 2012)
Built and Social Environments & Policies
Density(s) & MVPA
Started at ICBM in Mainz Germany in 2004 by Sallis & Kerr (US) Owen (Australia) DeBourdeaudhuij (Belgium)
IPEN study funded by NCI 2009—2013: 12 countries
1. Support countries to collect or enhance data according to common protocol
2. Transfer data to central dataset
3. Study co-ordination, quality control, & pooled analyses
4. Support the network more widely
5. Advance science through pooled analyses
6. Use results to inform policy internationally
IPEN Studies: International Physical Activity & Environment Network
Reis RS, Kelly CM, Parra DC, Barros M, Gomes G, Malta D, et al. Developing a research agenda for promoting physical activity in Brazil through environmental and policy change. Rev Panam Salud Publica. 2012;32(2):93-100
Concept Mapping approach
Understand the gaps between ‘researchers’ and practitioners' research priorities
Identify useful tools, methods, collaborative strategies and action steps to move the research agenda forward.
Focus Prompt: “In your opinion, which RESEARCH topic could contribute to help the design of public policies and the planning of environment intervention to physical activity promotion?”
Translating the results to practice and policy: a remaining challenge
4. Promoting PA through Urban Environment, Active Commuting and Social Networks
5. Health & Economic Benefits of PA
2. Individual & Environmental PA Correlates
1. Evaluation & Impact of PA Policies
3. Effectiveness & Innovation in PA Interventions
“A imaginação é mais importante que a ciência, porque a ciência é limitada, ao passo que a imaginação abrange o mundo inteiro”
Albert Einstein
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