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Geography presentation :)

Sherin Selvin

on 3 May 2013

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LANDFORMS Long cold winters range up to (-15'C to -27'C)
Very dry summers.The percipitation ranges up to (300mm to 500 mm)
The growing season is up to (125 to 150 days)
Temperature range is (12'C to -27'C)
Annual Percipitation is (460 mm to 700mm) with 35-60% falling as snow. The landforms of Boreal Cordillera mainly consists of . . . LOCATION The Boreal Cordillera is shown in the red section of the Canada's map to the right. It's located in the southern portion of Yukon and the Northern portion of British Columbia. BOREAL CORDILLERA Canada's mountainous ecozone CLIMATE SOILS WILDLIFE Western Toad, Wood Frog & spotted frog are the only amphibians found in this region.
No repetiles are found in Boreal Cordillera. By: Ayesha & Sherin :) DISAPPEARING WOODLAND CARIBOU
THE REAL REINDEER Construct overhead bridges instead of roads for tourists and visitors.
Cut down fewer trees (selective cutting instead of clear cutting)
Use portion of the forest for Woodland Caribou habitats.
Transport Caribou predators to some other habitats VEGETATION Boreal Cordillera's vegetation mainly cosists of coniferous trees such as Pine, cedars, fir, redwood, juniper, spruce, larch, & cypress. Mountains Valleys Hills These features classify this ecozone as a "Mountainous Region" GROWING SEASON DRY CLIMATE WINTER Since Boreal Cordillera is a mountainous region, variety of Mountains soils are found here such as Brunisol, colluvium & Moraine. BRUNISOL COLLUVIUM MORAINE BRUNISOL : Is a poorly developed, immature soil found in forest vegetation.
COLLUVIUM : A loose deposit of rock debris accumulated through the action of gravity at the base of a cliff or slope.
MORAINE: A mass of rocks and sediment deposited by a glacier, typically as ridges at its edges or extremity. ANIMALS Woodland Caribou
Mountain Goats
Black bears
Grizzly bears BIRDS Willow
Rock and White tailed ptarmigan
Spruce Gruce
Bald Eagle SPRUCE TREES MINING Solutions for Mining:) PINE CEDAR JUNIPER REDWOOD Problems with Mining:( DEFORESTRATION Problems :( Habitat destruction caused by lodging and industrial development in Boreal forests.
Forced to share habitats with some other species due to lack of space in the forest.
Horns are used for displays and decorations.While the skins are used for tents, boots, and other clothing
Road kills occur when they cross to go to their habitats. Solutions :) Make sure that the forest derived products you buy are made from 100% post-consumer content material
Buy only from companies that have a commitment to reducing deforestation through an environmentally friendly purchasing policy
If you are buying products made from forest fiber, make sure that it bears a seal from a credible forestry certification system, like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Read more about the FSC and false forms of forest certification
As a consumer ask questions about how the products you buy impact the forests. Use recycled materials instead of mined minerals
Improve environmental performance
Clean up abandoned mine sites.
Legislation and regulation to reduce environmental impacts can be enacted and enforced. formation of sinkholes
loss of biodiversity
the contamination resulting from leakage of chemicals also affect the health of the local population
Closed mines leave toxic tailings which cause permanent damage to the ecozone and it's surrounding environment.
Toxic gases enter into the atmosphere and soils. Which causes plants to die from toxic poisoning. MINING Problems :( Solutions :) global warming
responsible for upto 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions
threatens the livelihoods of 1.6 billion people that rely on forests for food and economic activity
habitat loss of many species. Problems with Deforestration:( Solutions for Deforestration :) MAJOR CITIES WHITEHORSE DAWSON HUNTING Spruce beetles destroy mounts of spruce forests
It burrows its way into healthy spruce trees and leaves it's larvae and fungus
Combination of tree eating larvae and the fungus kill the tree and make it a hazard
dead trees, may fall and can damage people, powerlines and homes. HUMAN ACTIVITIES FISHING TRAPPING TOURISM Spray the trees with pesticides
Cut the trees as soon as the fungus plants itself
Diagnose what is exactly affecting the tree.
Plant spruce trees away from homes and powerlines CONCLUSION Many humans and animal species depend on Boreal Cordillera. So, if the Boreal Cordillera is taken care of properly, we would be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and attractions for future generations. For listening!
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