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M/T Haven Tanker Oil Spill

No description

Max Niu

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of M/T Haven Tanker Oil Spill

M/T Haven Tanker Oil Spill
M T Haven tanker oil spill
oil spill research
by Max and Cody
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
what happened
Thursday, April 11, 1991, the most biggest tanker the "MT Haven" disconnected from a floating platform 7 miles off the Italian coast near Genoa where this Cypriot VLCC
How was it cleaned up/stopped?
Who was held responsible?
After math
how much we loss
- 5 crew members died.

- 450,000 barrels of oil burned.

- Approximately 143,000 barrels spilled before the ship sank.

where ?
sunk a few mil of the coast of Genoa, Italy, While
unloading at multedo Floating Platform
what cause oil spill ?
• In 1987, during the Iran-­‐Iraq war, the ship was struck by an Exocet missile.
After the explosion,the owners of the ship were blamed for hastily putting the ship back into operation and failure to perform routine maintenance.
Booms and skimmers were employed by a private company that recovered approximately 35,700 barrels of oil by April 16.
The French pollution contingency plan (Polmar plan) was implemented, which included study and surveillance to monitor the various ecosystems.
Volunteers and the army manually removed oil and oiled debris, and vacuum trucks picked up larger pools of oil. Roughly 26,140 cubic yards of oiled debris were removed.
5 crew members died.
450,000 barrels of oil burned.
Approximately 143,000 barrels spilled before the ship sank.
Small quantities leaked after the sinking.
300 barrels of oil entered the Arenzano marina, covering boats, moorings, and harbor walls. The Varazze marina had less oiling.
1,400 barrels of oil impacted 25 miles of Italian coastline.
A 154 square mile oil slick reached the coast of France by April 24, with mousse and sheen reaching some of those shores.
1-2 inches of oil settled into fine sand beaches, and up to 1 foot into coarse-grained beaches.
100 birds were oiled.
There was an estimated 43% reduction in fish populations in some fishing areas.

Lucas and Stelios, faced charges of the manslaughter of the six killed, extortion and intimidating and attempting to bribe witnesses. Both denied the charges and pleaded not guilty.
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