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Prezi for Swapit.co.uk

solution for http://www.minininjas.com/uk

Louisa Saunders

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Prezi for Swapit.co.uk

Advertising Solution Dates: 18th August - 18th September Budget £50k Target Audience 1) boys 7-12 2) Boys and Girls 7 - 12 3) Parents of 1 & 2 700,000 registered users 10 million monthly ad impressions 40,000 monthly swap transactions 11 minutes average swap session Interact with Swapit.co.uk users - offer swapits for clicks and game play Integrated creative campaign Branded Auction Frenzies Zone Sponsorship Costs 3 million page impressions £36,000 27% of audience boys aged 7 -12 Auction Frenzy £3,750 Home Page Video £4,900 Online Display Hiro Futo Kunoichi Suzame Game Information Page, Parents Info £995 54% boys and girls 7 - 12 9% parents zone sponsorship x 4 £5,400 Game Information content page - new feature on swapit.co.uk, on Parents Info page Total £51,045 Any Questions
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