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Best Buy

No description

Priyaa M

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Best Buy

Great Prices. No Pressure. Place Best Buy can be found worldwide, especially in developed countries. Product Best Buy sells a variety of products such as iPods, TV's, Phones, Movies, and various other electronics. Price The price range for products from Best Buy varies depending on the product. Since Best Buy sells mainly electronics, the prices for products range from just a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Promotion Best Buy uses many different techniques to promote their products such as... Consumer Best Buy sells a large variety of products that cater to all age groups. There is no specific targeted age group. Best Buy's direct competitors are stores that sell electronics such as Future Shop and Wal Mart. Competition Research Best Buy's Corporate Office deals with all the Research. The Research Department sees what kind of technology is trending around the world. Then they order the products accordingly and ship it to all Best Buy locations. Packaging Since Best Buy is an electronics store, all Best Buy products are kept in the same packaging that they are shipped in. Best Buy sells a variety of electronics that come from many different brands such as... Branding Best Buy Express is also available.
You can find a Best Buy Express store usually in Airports or Hotels or in popular travel destinations. Sales Best Buy is a well known store worldwide. They have many techniques that they use to increase their sales such as daily/weekly specials, promotions, price reductions, and occasional special deals during Back to School and Christmas time. To publicize these sales, they have Flyers and a Mailing List. All the sales are also shown on their website. Best Buy also has sales associates in every department to assist customers. Physical Distribution Best Buy distributes their products efficiently and inexpensively.
Best Buy's Corporate Office buys all the products and then they ship it to the Central Warehouses. From there, the products are shipped to different locations of Best Buy. The Best Buy in Heartland gets all their shipments from the Warehouse in Brampton. Storage Best Buy uses computers to manage their inventory. They scan all their products into their system. This helps them keep track of how many products they have in stock. It also lets them know if they're going short on any products. Inventory Management All of Best Buy's products are kept in Central Warehouses. From there, the products are shipped to the Best Buy stores.
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