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8th Grade History Assignment

This is a history presentation!

Jacob Wetherington

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of 8th Grade History Assignment

Le Havre
Massachusetts Bay Colony
The Story of a Colony
Jacob Wetherington
Andrew Stratford
Mr. Lundberg's
2nd Period
New York
New Netherlands
Our Colony
A wealthy and successful businessman in his 40's; Andrew Stratford is upset with the policies and intolerance connected to the Church of England.
He frequently protests against the authority of the church, and as a result is exiled to North America.
A middle-class laborer in his early 30's; Jacob Wetherington sees no future for him in England, and doesn't like the English government and its authority over his life. He joins Andrew Stratford in his journey to North America after meeting him in London.
We will arrive in Brighton, hoping to journey to Paris to find a crew. After hitching a ride on a merchant bringing English goods to France, we will leave Brighton for the harbor of Le Havre.
In Paris we will pick up a crew of around 144 French settlers, 2 Spaniards, an Italian, and a German. They will mostly or all be opponents and fugitives of the Catholic Church. After two months of gathering support, we will journey back to Le Havre.
We will land in Le Havre, a small harbor supported by the fishing industry. We will stay four days until we journey to Paris for a crew.
After returning from Paris, we will prepare the ship for four days, then set sail for America. Leaving on the 21 of April 1652.
We leave Europe expecting to settle an all-tolerant colony and to gain no wealth or advantage from this journey.
After landing near the Boston, we expect to leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony to escape its intolerance of religions other then their Puritan beliefs.
We will leave any Puritan dissenters in this colony.
We expect to find an open land ripe for the taking. We are expecting hardships and challenges throughout the establishment and continuation of the colony.
Rhode Island
Rhode Island is the model for our colony. They are tolerant of all religions, have a representative government, and are an overall successful colony.
We will establish a colony within close proximity to other colonies, so as to defend and protect ourselves better. Any dissenters that choose to leave now may join the New York or New Netherland Colonies.
We will have an agreement laid out by the time we reach shore; one that covers labor, government, and religion. ALL able bodied men and women on board the ship will sign the document.
Any dissenters will either be banished from the colony or will be able to live inside the colony, but with downgraded rights and a lower status.
Profits will be split equally amongst all settlers that contribute to the success of the colony and that labor in the workforce. We hope that this will help to prevent any disputes over money and status.
We expect many challenges for the colony; such as starvation, disagreement, religious intolerance, and harsh environments.
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