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Project 2: Journey Limitless

No description

Tomás Juan

on 3 July 2018

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Transcript of Project 2: Journey Limitless

Project 2: Journey Limitless
It is essential that you record and document your entire journey thoroughly. It is also important to carry the project brief with you at all times to remind you of the different elements of the project.
Project outcomes
visual information recorded in visual journal
art/exhibition review
Facebook group engagement
5 min presentation summarizing the experience of the Project 2 + Q&A
at least 2 blog entries
organised Research File
Visual Journal/Sketchbook
Record information from Oxford and throughout the duration of the project – drawings, photographs, notes and information, brainstorms, mind maps and ideas development, information about artists, designers and their work (at least 10 pages).
Art/Exhibition Review
Send a formal email to Tomasz telling him what 2 artists/or designers' work/2 venues you had chosen to write about in your essay by Tuesday 28 October2014
5 min presentation and crit
• Project 2 Experience
• Power Point/Prezi/Keynote/PechaKucha
• Little text, lots of pictures!
Meaningful engagement on social media - Facebook group
Be active on the FB group throughout the duration of the project (ask questions, respond to asked questions, recommend interesting stuff, keep the conversation going! etc.)

Summarise weeks 3 and 4 and the entire experience of Project 2 and how you engaged with the relevant research (at least 2 entries). Comment on other students’ entries.

Follow the schedule in your project brief. You will find all details there!
What do you know about Oxford?
The city is known worldwide as a university town and home of the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the country and the English-speaking world.

The Ashmolean Museum
The Ashmolean Museum is the world's first university museum.

The Pitt Rivers Museum
The Pitt Rivers Museum is a museum in which you can find the archaeological and anthropological collections of the University of Oxford.

Research what's on in Oxford in the suggested museums
When we look at great adventurers in history, we can see common links between many of them. In the past adventurers travelled to new places. While travelling to the new lands they would discover unknown waterways and topographies. Sometimes the journey would lead to treasures and new knowledge. As a result the traveller would see the world differently than had they stayed home.

What can you see in the picture?
Course Folder

Make sure you organise your research, notes and handouts in the course folder.

MOMA Oxford
The gallery presents exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. It has a national and international reputation for quality of exhibitions, projects and commissions.

We could use the same analogy for any adventure we embark upon, whether finding spirituality, working in a new career, or literally travelling to a new destination. As an artist or designer, you go through a similar process when you choose to leave the safety of home or your comfort zone.

Project 2 ‘Journey Limitless’ will enable you to discover the unknown to mature and evolve your creative mind! The trip to Oxford will expose you to a number of artists and designers underpinning the concept of ‘journey’ in their work. Moreover, the project includes a number of case studies including the Journey Limitless artists and our former EAP Tutor Peter Matthews' work, TED talks, films and texts dealing with ‘journey’, which will support you in writing an art/exhibition review.
Write an Art/Exhibition Review (IFADM: 700, GDAD 900 words). Analyse any primary research elements from the Oxford trip, e.g. an exhibitions, exhibits, museums, galleries, etc. Collect at least 6 sources for the bibliography section (academic and non-academic). Use at least 3 quotations.
Use the library!

Choose your favourite exhibitions/objects/artifacts/venues from Oxford.

Research it! Plan your trip!

Upload a short 100-word blog entry with images in which you explain what EXACTLY you're going to explore in Oxford.

Paste a link to your blog entry on the FB group by 5pm. Find out where other student want to go!

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