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Presentation on StatelessnessFulbright - Monterey Institute of International Studies

Juan Mondelli

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Statelessness

Human rights Nationality Opportunities 1. What is statelessness? 4. What does UNHCR? Common understanding Protection International conventions Lack Risks 5. How can I help as a fulbrighter? 3. How does law protect stateless? 2. Why is a problem? 12,000,000 stateless persons

many will never find protection / respect for their HHRR

Basic public services can be inaccessible (e.g. healthcare, education, housing)

Few States are party to the international treaties on statelessnees have no birth registration or identity documents Solutions Statelessness education - out of reach Without education - forced child labour Stateless children lack of nationality affects millions of people

denial of basic human rights Identification, Prevention, Reduction, Protection international treaties and domestic law 5 questions Being a stateless person Fulbright English Refinement for Graduate Studies Program
Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)
Monterey, California
July 2011 Public Speaking for Academic Purposes
(Prof. Peter Shaw) Juan Ignacio Mondelli Nationality = legal bond between a person and a State: enables - exercise - HHRR A Stateless person is somebody who is not considered as a national by any State under its law Human Rights Instruments
Statelessness Treaties (e.g. 1954 Convention / 1961 Convention) International National Laws on citizenship and nationality
Laws on Statelessness Identification Prevention Promoting the accession to statelessness conventions
Improving the national legal frameworks
Supporting the establishment of status determination procedures Reduction Acquisition/confirmation of nationality Making visible the invisible (silent denial of rights) Addressing legal/practical causes of future statelessness Protection Statelessness: important problem
Learn more: www.unchr.org
Call others' attention to this issue
Think how you can contribute Mutual understanding Mutual understanding Lack of identity = child’s existence is denied 1. What is statelessness? 2. Why is a problem? 3. How does law protect stateless? 4. What does UNHCR? 5. How can I help as a fulbrighter?
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