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Moth Smoke

A preview of the Mohsin Hamid's "MOTH SMOKE"

Bushra Javed

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Moth Smoke

The Film
Born in 1971 in Lahore.

Best known for his novels “Moth Smoke” and “The Reluctant Fundamentalist.”

Spent his childhood in Pakistan and United States.

Attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School. based on the International Bestseller, 'Moth Smoke',
by Mohsin Hamid. CHARACTERS Best friend of Daru, son of a wealthy corrupt father, is rich and has a well-paid job, has a beautiful wife Mumtaz. an orphan, a banker in Lahore, who losses his job, falls in love with his best friend’s wife and plunges into a life of drugs and crime. Wife of Ozi and mother of Muazzam, brought up in America and was secretly working as an journalist, Zulfiqar Munto. BIOGRAPHY
Group Members:
Bushra Javed
Mahnoor Malik
Mahnoor Iftikhar
Saad Ahmed Khawaja
Wadiah Akbar

Darashiko Aurangzeb Mumtaz Murad Badshah A riskshaw driver who supplied drugs to Daru and plans to rob a boutique with him. SUMMARY “Moth Smoke” is set in the summer of 1998, when Pakistan detonated its first nuclear weapons.

The story revolves around Darashikoh, Mumtaz, Aurangzeb.

Daru had a fairly normal childhood.
Critical Analysis The novel begins with a historical fragment about the wars of succession that followed the rule of Emperor Shah Jahan:

“Imprisoned in his fort at Agra, staring at the Taj he had built, an aged Shah Jahan received as a gift from his youngest son the head of his eldest. Perhaps he doubted, then, the memory that his boys had once played together, far from his supervision and years ago, in Lahore.”

The book’s dominant image is of a moth circling a flame.

“In the darkness of evening, Daru watches the strange seduction played out: the moth spinning around the candle in tighter revolutions, attracted to the fire. Ignited, the moth is consumed. The lingering moth smoke reminds Daru of burning flesh.”

Creative Writing
"MOTH SMOKE" Mumtaz develops a relation with Daru.

He start selling drugs to youngsters so as to earn his living.

Murad Badshah and Daru decide to rob a boutique. During which Daru kills the guard.

This is a story of crime and passion set in modern-day Lahore.

In particular, it captures the frustration and anger of the less fortunate in a country whose ruling class is thoroughly corrupt.
RELATION TO PAKISTANI SOCIETY Seems more domestic than political drama.

But in a country like Pakistan, the personal and the political are difficult to separate.

The uncertainty of Daru’s fate in the novel mirrors that of Pakistan itself, hyped on the prospect of becoming a nuclear player even as corruption drains its political will.
A portrait of young people in Pakistan who lose their jobs and gets hopeless about finding a new one and consequently, choose the wrong path to earn money and satisfy themselves.

Portray a specific class of Pakistani society that is rich, as well as the thinking of the people who have a complex about the material things that they don’t have.
CONCLUSION Moth Smoke is a commendable novel, written in an unique style, blending in history with the present, presenting the story as a presentation in the court, mingling several voices to tell a single story yet at the same time bringing in tales of a great many people.

touches upon an old theme but in an excitable novel way.
The bitterness and the unfairness of life leads him to festering hate and anger.

When his best friend returns, with a wife and son in town, Daru is pulled back into the rich circle that he can’t keep up with.

Soon afterwards, Daru losses his job. And from then on, his life goes downhill. Ozi comes to know about the affair of Mumtaz with Daru, he pushes Daru into the crime that he hasn’t done.

The police arrests Daru for a car accident, for which Ozi is responsible and not for the crime which he has done.

Mumtaz soon leaves Ozi.

Mumtaz tries her level best to help Daru but all in vein.
Background of MOTH SMOKE Tells the story of an ex-banker and heroin addict who has fallen for his best friend's wife.

A bittersweet tale of politics and corruption, of friendship and betrayal.

Published in 2000 and quickly became a hit in Pakistan and India.
Adapted for television in Pakistan.

The novel won the Betty Trask Award.

Adopted into a Pakistani film, Daira.
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