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Smart Cars in Russia?

should we bring smart cars to Russia

Graham Bunt

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Smart Cars in Russia?

Smart Cars in Russia? By: Graham Bunt
Ben Peters
Chris Jones Should We Bring Smart Cars to Russia Every country wants to go green but is it time for Smart Cars to bring production to Russia? Russia Climate The Climate of Russia is very cold during the winter and they have record breaking amounts of snow. Smart Cars do not have four wheel drive so driving in the snow would be hazardous. Also, much of Russia's backroads are dirt during the spring when 3-4 inches of rainfall a week this causes the roads to be nearly undrivable by a smart car. Population: 141,930,000 Russian Currency 1 Ruble=0.03237 USD GDP and National Debt GDP= 1.858 trillion dollars National Debt= 76 Billion US dollars Unemployment and Literacy Rate Minimum Wage=148$ a month

Literacy Rate= 99.56%

Unemployment Rate= 5.3% Crime High crime rates in comparison to the rest of the world in human, drugs, and arms trafficking, homicides, and embezzelment.
Russian Mafia is involved with most of the crimes and also businesses are known to have ties to this massive organized crime group.
Also the police force and judges often accepts bribes from criminals or the mob to add to the mass corruption in the government Government Russian visitors need a visa from the government Business Etiquette Business attire: Suit and tie. No exceptions. Russians tend to be very formal and consumed in their appearance
Appropriate public behavior: Russians tend to have a lack of trust of others and are very reserved in public Current News Ever since the late 1980's Russia has been in a decline in the global market. In 1992 the U.S.S.R. was offically disbanded and Russia became a democracy...supposedly. Recently Vladimir Putin has been in the news because he has been in office for a decade and has unwavering power over the country. He has been accused of rigging elections in his favor and recently has come under fire for comparing the corpse of Vladimir Lenin to the relics of Christian saints. So..Smart Cars in Russia Should we bring Smart Cars to Russia...Probably not a good idea. The people of Russia do not have alot of spending money and the climate doesn't support the small car that doesn't perform well in snow or rain which there is alot of in Russia.
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