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IT Strategy and Planning

No description

Becky Zhang

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of IT Strategy and Planning

Introduction Evaluating Outsourcing Types of IT Strategies Measuring Tool - Balanced scorecard

Multi-vendor - dedicated staff
- balanced scorecard Outsourcing What is outsourcing? Disadvantages Advantages IT Strategy & Planning Offshore Outsourcing What is Offshore Outsourcing IT Strategy

Outsourcing & Offshore Outsourcing

Evaluation & Planning VS. Outsourcing Strategies - Understanding the project
- Divide and conquer
- Align incentives
- Write short-period contract
- Control subcontracting
- Do selective outsourcing - Offshore out sourcing is outsourcing with a vendor located in a country other than the one in which the client company is based - Outsourcing is contracting work to be completed by an outside vendor Advantages - Reduce IT expenditures

- Reduce cost and improve the quality of IT service Disadvantages - Cost-reduction expectation

- Data/security and protection

- Process discipline

- Vendor failure to deliver

- Scope creep

- Government oversight/regulation IT Strategy - Finance

- Management

- Human Resources - Shirking

- Poaching

- Opportunistic Repricing Crystal Zhang Becky Zhang Phil Joung IT Strategy Technology Management
- Cost Management
- Human Capital Management
- Hardware & Software Management
- Vendor Management
- Risk Management Balanced Scorecard CIO CTO
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