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Building Community in Your Online Course - Introduction Video

Ed Tech Du Jour introduces effective strategies on building community in online courses. Building rapport and establishing relationships are critical to the success of an online course. This practice promotes learning, engagement, and retention.

Ed Tech Du Jour

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Building Community in Your Online Course - Introduction Video

Ed Tech Du Jour
Goal = Building Community
Humanizes your online course
Establishes rapport
Fosters learning
Course Introduction Video
Step 2 -
Lets the students get to know you, see you and gain insight to your personality.
Keep it simple and short
Record from your IPhone or IPad
Who me?
Basic Recording Tips
Why is building community important?
Step 10 -
Good frontal lighting

Keep it brief -3 minutes or less

Be mindful of the setting that appears behind you.

Speak clearly so you are audible.
Course Success
Step 4 - Tell the students how to be successful in your course.
Technical Support
Step 9 -
Remind students that you are not the tech support person.
Let students know where to find support (student orientation).
Virtual Office Hours
Step 7 -
Be available
Post virtual office hours
Communication Preference
Step 8 -
Save questions for virtual office hours
Expected response time
Ideas for Other Videos
Step 11 -
Teaching Style/Methodology
Overview of Assignments/Projects
How Students are Assessed
Course Expectations
Step 6 -
Set clear expectations
Outline objectives
Provide sample discussion board posts
Avoid "Dating" Your Video
Step 5 - Do not discuss dates or anything that will date the video, so you can use it again.
Step 1 - Build rapport and establish relationships

This practice promotes learning, engagement, and retention.
How to close the "distance" gap and build rapport in the online class
Yes, you!

You can do this. You don't need an elaborate full production studio.
Step 3 - Give the students a feel for your personality. Feel free to film a short video where you enjoy spending time. (Ex. hiking, boating, fishing, reading, etc.)
Dr. Farmakis has extensive experience in professional development, distance learning, and online instructional design both in K-12 and higher education. She has presented at national and state conferences on professional development and online learning and recently published her ebook, iLearn: Tips and Tricks for Online Learners for students new to online learning.

Dr. Kaulbach is currently the Vice President of Academic Services for Academic Partnerships and also serves as faculty at Sarasota University. She conducts faculty workshops for professional development on topics ranging from effective online pedagogy, instructional design, how to increase student engagement through robust online course design, and teaching online with technology.

Dr. Kaulbach earned her B.A. In Elementary Education & Music, her MAED in Instructional Leadership, and her EdD is in Educational Leadership.
So how do teachers close the “distance” gap and build rapport
Close the “distance” gap and build rapport
Click to the view this video
Suggested Activity:
Record a sample introduction video
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