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the Mohawk tribe

No description

alyssa-jean white

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of the Mohawk tribe

The Mohawk tribe what did the Mohawk tribe
wear? What Did The Mohawk Tribe
Eat? The Mohawks had several ceremonies:
corn festival to celebrate their harvest
planting festival
pipe smoke ceremonies
pow wows
ceremonies to celebrate the end of war and the
people who died
and ceremonies to selebrate mother earth. Housing What Ceremonies Did
They Have? where Mohawk landed The Mohawk explored
New York, Rhode Island
Massachusetts and Canada
before stopping in Maine
and New Brunswick. Transportation The mohawk tribe
used dugout canoes, canoes made of elm bark, and sleds and snowshoes in winter. Before the europeans:
men would wear breech cloths and pant-like clothing made from deer leather. In summer little clothes where worn. In winter, furs and layers of leather was worn. Men also wore a Kastowa made from split turkey feathers with 3 up right eagle feathers. Women wore skirt-type clothing and a yoke piece that would cover the upper body. Winter would be the time to wear thick furs. Children wore smaller forms of the clothes as the adults. Feet were wrapped in leather and moccasins would be worn. After the europeans:
men wore dark pants,with breech cloth decorated by bead work, european-type shirt decorated with metal and bead work, belt (red sash to denote trade with the french), a Kastowa was still worn but with metal or beads on the brim. in winter, jackets and fur were worn. Women wore long dresses made from european cloth, with floral patterns. A skirt is still worn and a dark yoke would be worn around the neck. Hair was tied or put in a bun. A Shaw would be carried and furs during colder months. Moccasins were still worn but with beads. Children still wore smaller versions of adult clothing. religion The Mohawk tribe
didn't have a certain
religion but they did celebrate mother earth so much to have
celebrations. Later some Mohawk Natives went to the french to become Christian. Positive Negative Positive/Negative affects from
a native point of view. new supplies different ways of life war religion moving less food disease Positive/Negative affects from
a europeans piont of view. Positive Negative food new language
The Mohawk Indians were a farming people. They had many crops that included Corn, beans, and Squash (the 3 sisters).
These people also gathered berries and herbs. The tribes hunters hunted Deer, Elk and fish.
The Mohawk natives also cooked corn bread, soups,and stews, which was cooked on stone hearths. they used bows, arrows, spears, traps, flint knives. in war they also used shields and clubs. bibliography Big John Canadien http://biographi.ca the Mohawks of north America http://google.ca mom http://yahoo.com dad Harmen van den Bogaert An old man approached me and laid his hand upon my heart to feel it beat; and then he shouted we really were not afraid at all. Harmen van den Bogaert describing how a Mohawk measured his courage in 1634. Harmen van den Bogaert meet the Mohawk tribe in 1634 he was the first to trade with the Mohawks. they traded beaver fur, food, tools, and more. they mostly ate fish and veggies. the dutch spoke dutch, a language closely related to german and English. The dutch traveled by ships. fur tools allience They lived in longhouses, longhouses were 150 ft long, 20 ft wide and 20 ft high. They had raised platforms to make a second story which was used for sleeping. The Mohawk used mats and wood screens to separate spaces in the longhouse to make separate rooms. One longhouse can hold up to 60 people or even a whole tribe. They used wood and bark to make longhouses. language The language the Mohawk spoke is Iroquoian. all the tribes that are part of the Iroquois speaks Iroquoian. kwe=hello
o:nen=good bye
nia:wen=thank you
skennen=peace there is no such thing as cant.
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