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Star Wars Hero Cycle

Monomyth of Star Wars IV.

Rebecca Ferte

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Star Wars Hero Cycle

Hero Cycle I:Separation II:Initiation III:Return The Call To Adventure- Luke finds R2D2s hollogram of Leia.
Obi Wan asks Luke to aid him. Refusal of the Call- Luke thinks he should stay and help at home. Supernatural Aid- Obi Wan gives Luke his [Lukes'] fathers lightsaber. Crossing the first threshold- The Belly of the Whale- The Road of Trials- Lukes uncle and family die
Luke and gang get stuck in Death Star
Luke and gang get stuck in Trash Compactor. The Meeting with the Goddess- Luke meets Leia. Jospeh Campbell's 17-step cycle Luke leaving his home planet Tatooine. Millennium Falcon is drawn to the Death Star. Temptation Away From the True Path- Death of Obi Wan makes Luke realize the risk he's taking on his journey. Atonement with the Father- Luke hears Obi Wans voice to lead him. Apotheosis [becoming god-like]- Luke masters the Force. The Ultimate Boon- Luke saves Leia and R2D2 with plans of Death Star. Refusal of the Return- Luke had nowhere to return to and thus did not return to Tatooine or a normal life he was used to. The Magic Flight- Luke defeats
Death Star. Rescue from Without- Han Solo saves Luke from being blasted. Crossing the Return Thereshold- Luke and gang escape exploding Death Star. Master of the Two Worlds- Luke has now been a regular "peasant" and aso a Jedi hero. Freedom to Live- Luke can now understand and live a normal life or grow and become a true Jedi.
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