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Jelly Roll Morton

No description

Amy Dobrzycki

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Jelly Roll Morton

Influence on Jazz
Morton largely affected
the Jazz Age and the way people viewed jazz music. His original pieces drew large crowds and he changed the way musicians composed their pieces.

Major Moments
In 1926, Jelly Roll Morton’s group, the Red Hot Peppers, first recorded in Chicago. The players in the group were specially selected by Morton himself for seven-to-eight part band pieces written in his New Orleans style.

The Jazz Age found its way through large parts of America, drawing people of all ages and races. It began in New Orleans, spreading throughout the rest of the country towards cities like Chicago.

Significance in the 1920's
His work had a direct and lasting impact on jazz as well as other artists at the time. It is even believed that he might have invented his certain style of jazz, which is still widely played and enjoyed today.

Jelly Roll Morton has left his mark on America. His music is still remembered, played, and listened to today. What he was best known for, his pieces that combined compositions and improvisational solos, had an effect on various other musicians and composers.

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Who Was He?
Jelly Roll Morton was an influential jazz musician who played and composed several famous pieces. He was recognized as the first great jazz composer
Music in the 1920's
The Jazz Age
Rise to Fame
Morton’s main surge of popularity began in Chicago in 1923 when he recorded two pieces, Big Foot ham and Muddy Water Blues as well as several piano compositions.

Lasting Impacts
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