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Today our assembly is about......

No description

Tanbir Miah

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Today our assembly is about......

Thank you Ms Foster
About being a headtacher
When Ms Foster was at school she didn't have the best education, that is why Ms Foster decided to become a teacher and to make sure we have a better chance of having a brighter future . Ms Foster worked hard to become headteacher (it's not as easy as she makes it look). Ms Foster is one of the people who works hard to make this place a better environment for our education.
school and family
Ms Fosters family did not have a lot of money that's why her mum baked and sold pies to make money and she would even do their neighbors laundry for them to make more money while all that was happening Ms Foster was at school and her school was not a very nice place to learn the teachers would barley ever teach something new it was probably like prison.But thanks to her it's not like that anymore.
Thank you
Ms Foster
Today we are going to thank Ms Foster for her years of service and for making this a better place for us to enjoy learning.It's a shame but she will be leaving Westgate and Moorside . It has not been easy for her to make this decision, so we hope she will remember her last moments at Arthur's Hill with happiness.
childhood and hobbies
Ms Foster enjoyed most of her childhood, like spending time with her friends and family one thing that wasn't so good was school! Apart from that she was very creative and imaginative. She has a lot of great memories and when she was young she had 4 dogs,hens and bees. She had a lot of great hobbies, gymnastics was her favourite.
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