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Rizal's Novels (Themes)

Jose Rizal's novels that I and my partner are going to present in our Rizal class.

Maria Cadavida

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Rizal's Novels (Themes)

Noli Me Tangere & El Fili Busterismo Jose Rizals' Works The first novel of Jose Rizal. Novel: Noli Me Tangere Novel: Noli Me Tangere > Can be regarded as a historical novel, as it has mostly fictional characters but also historical persons like Fr. Burgos who lived in actual places within a social system that was then typical of a colonized land
> Rizal exaggerated a bit, as in his portrayal of characters like the friars, the two women, and the Espadanas but, on the whole, the novel follows the basic rules of realism
> Humor worked best where are more serious presentation of the general practices of religion during that time (even up to the present) would have given the novel darker and pessimistic tone
> Rizal's description of the lavish fiesta showed the comic antics at church and the ridiculous expense for one day of festivities
> Noli Me Tangere, literally translated, the Latin words "Noli Me Tangere" means, "Touch Me Not" Cover: Noli Me Tangere
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