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RNA, Transcription & Translation

for my high school biology class

Sandy Jacobs

on 2 November 2010

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Transcript of RNA, Transcription & Translation

Central Dogma:
DNA to RNA to Protein Replication DNA copies itself Transcription Translation RNA Ribonucleic Acid RNA differs from DNA in 3 ways 3 types of RNA RNA is single straned
(DNA is double stranded) Sugar in RNA is ribose
(sugar in DNA is deoxyribose) RNA as Uracil as base
(instead of DNA's Thymine) DNA contains the instruction to make proteins
RNA makes a copy of DNA,
RNA moves into the cytoplasm to make proteins mRNA messenger RNA tRNA transfer RNA rRNA ribosomal RNA takes instructions from DNA (in the nucleus) to the ribosomes (in the cytoplasm) ribosomes are made of rRNA & proteins uses mRNA to put Amino Acids in correct order delivers AAs to the ribosomes to be connected to make a protein DNA to mRNA occurs in the nucleus http://www.johnkyrk.com/DNAtranscription.html mRNA is read one CODON at a time group of 3 bases on mRNA that code for a specific amino acid (AA) Amino Acids make up proteins only 20 AAs, but make
1,000s of proteins mRNA to Protein occurs at the ribosome tRNA carries in amino acids has anticodon set of 3 bases on tRNA that match a codon and specific AA Amino acids are joined together by peptide bonds tRNA molecules leave and attach to other amino acids
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