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Siebel Open UI

Open UI is arguably the most exciting advance in Siebel’s offering since Siebel 7. The great user experience on any browser and the value proposition are obvious wins, but the intricacies around deploying are still questions for most.

Chris Hardy

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Siebel Open UI

Siebel Open UI explored *hint:
its more than a pretty front end Chris Hardy
+27 82 327 3201
www.tetrad.co.za user experience 0.24s 3.6s 0.28s 0.28s 2.0s (iPad) migration do I want to? Browser Standards using HTML 4.01*

CSS level 2.1*

JavaScript v1.5

Transparent & extendible

Utilises pre-built features of browsers and devices *HTML5 & CSS Level 3.0 optional (Desktop) All modes can co-exist*
Tools configuration can remain unchanged**

1. Leave as is

2. Open UI Migration Mode from HI
(Best compatibility)

3. Open UI Native Mode JavaScript + (Eclipse || jDeveloper)



Open UI best practices

Web developers Any browser

No complex deployment restarts for JavaScript

Dynamically update server side client files

Spinoff for Partner and Portal functionality Simpler Deployment Developers* Record control through client browser

JavaScript should be able to control Object Manager

JavaScript Objects and API's easily exposed

Test Automation simplified

iFrames multi-browser + mobility 1. Mobile Device Battles
2. Mobile applications and HTML5
3. Personal Cloud
4. Enterprise App Stores
5. The Internet Of Things
6. Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing
7. Strategic Big Data
8. Actionable Analytics
9. In Memory Computing
10. Integrated Ecosystems Gartner Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends 2013 Open UI Mobile Online and Offline Modes Completely customisable
Leverage existing metadata
Native device integration
Record count
Location services available with google API's
PDQ's available

Sales, Pharma, Service & Consumer Goods

Mobile licenses needed
Device stores:
HTML Mobility Considerations Cannot mix jQuery and jQuery Mobile Libraries

Full version does not work well on iPad for rendering multi-device architecture CSS Styling Physical Renderer Presentation Model JavaScript Proxy Physical Renderer
Extension Browser
Client Presentation Model Extension JavaScript
Framework Server Repository Applet Business Component Web Template Rich UI Sync Manager CLIENT Open UI Apps Open UI Client Framework Repository Applet Manifest JavaScript Presentation Model Startup Physical Renderer Startup CSS Loading View creation on the server same as HI Manifest file identifies default JavaScript files needed for the client JavaScript downloaded to Browser based on Manifest File CSS loading based on entries in theme.js Extensions: Applet user Properties identify extension JavaScript files specific to an applet Physical Renderer & Presentation Model register with the Browser for the client Framework. Extensions register based on Applet User Properties to know which JavaScript Class to use for which applet View Navigation Disconnected Mobile Architecture SERVER OFFLINE APP MANAGER OFFLINE SERVER SYNC MANAGER HTML 5
Store Offline Data Manager Async Metadata Generator Data Generation Engine Txn Sync Engine Deployment Options Open UI = Source: www.w3counter.com September 2012 Source: www.w3counter.com September 2012 Source: www.w3counter.com September 2012 Logic! Render Data! © Tetrad IT 2012 Source: www.businessinsider.com Jan 2012 $46.3 billion Revenue
$13.1 billion Profit $10.6 billion Revenue *Separate Object Managers & same server
** Option 2 * 1st Release CRM CX Social
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