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Arabia before Islam

No description

Mankirth Gill

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Arabia before Islam

Muhammad's Battles
The 1st Pillar
The 1st Pillar is Shahadah. Shahadah means faith. The 1st pillar states “There is no god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God”

The 4th pillar Sawm
Mandatory fasting. During the holy month of Ramadan Muslims are forbidden to eat, drink or smoke from dawn until dusk.
Arabians believed in many gods, also known as polytheism and engaged in the practice of idolatry, which is the worship of different objects. The Ka'bah is a cubed shape building by Abraham to honor God in the city of Mecca. During 570 CE the Ka'bah was filled with idols that the Arab worshiped. Arabia was divided into groups. Arabia was divided into clans or tribes. Most Arabs lived as herders or nomads. The clans or tribes travelled place to place to find water and food.
The Prophet Muhammad
Arabs before Islam
Mecca attacked with overwhelming forces 3 times and
lost all 3 times.
These battles were the beginning of the Islamic Jihad,
which some translate as “Holy War” but is better
translated as “striving”, striving to follow God’s
commands.In 630 CE Muhammad led a group of 10 000 into Mecca
with little opposition. There he removed all the idols
from the Ka’bah.
The basis of the Islamic religion was revealed to
Muhammad, who was born in 570CE, through direct revelations from God, by the Angel Jibreel or Gabriel.In 610, the month of Ramadan (fasting), Muhammad retreated to a cave on Mount Hira, where the angel Gabriel revealed the beginnings of what became the religion of Islam.
The End
By: Jasmine, Mankirth, Jimmy, Sascha, and Jasmeen

The second pillar Salat
The 3rd pillar Zakat
The fifth pillar Hajj
The second pillar is Salat. It is mandatory to pray 5 times a day Once before dawn, mid-day, late afternoon, after sunset and after dark. Prior to praying a person must perform the cleaning ritual known as wudu.
Mandatory almsgiving, Muslims should give 2.5% of their surplus wealth to charity. It 's ther responsibilty to donate, it's considared part of gods service.
The Fifth Pillar is Hajj. The
Hajj is mandatory pilgrimage
to Macca (Makkah). It's the most significant manifestion of the Islamic world.

After Muhammad's Death
Upon Muhammad's death, Abu Balkr, one of Muhammad's first convert, became the first caliph. After Abu bakr expanded the Islamic empire. There was a split that took place between those that followed Ali, the husband of Muhammad's daughter, the Shias and those who followed Muhammas's wife and the Umayyad family, the Sunnis. The Umayyad family eventually lost power and the Abbasids took over, followed by the Seljuks. Thanks to the powerful recurved bow the Seljuks were able to defeat the Byzantine Empire and capture Constantinople in 1453.
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