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Normal Distribution

No description

Stephanie Woldum

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Normal Distribution

Normal Distribution Many naturally occuring processes are normally distributed. Thank you for your attention! Work with your group to explore the properties of the normal distribution.
*How is the normal distribution related to the mean and median?
* What does the normal distribution tell us about how our data is spread?
*What is the relationship between the standard deviation and the normal distribution? Today you will... Birth Weights Human Height Machinery and Products Their histograms are bell-shaped and symmetric! Standard Deviation:
Measures the spread of data around the mean.
Defines normal vs. abnormal
As spread increases the standard deviation value increases Histograms allow us to plot the relationship between the Standard deviation and mean Single-peaked Double-peaked Uniform Symmetric Skewed Warm-up: Be ready to listen in 1 minute!
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