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Oxygen Administration

Trocaire College Nu 122 Lab O2

John Anderson

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Oxygen Administration

FIO2= fraction of inspired oxygen
This is the % of oxygen that the client is getting.
SPo2 % of hemoglobin
This is oxygen saturation
Venturi mask
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
use for sleep apnea
mask is claustrophobic may hyperventilate
it force air in to hold the soft tissue open
given at the end of exhalation
BI-Pap is given on both inhale and exhale
do not use on sedated client, may aspirate
able to give a very specific amount of O2

most precise amount of oxygen

use after ABG'S
Two ways to find the SPo2:
Every order for oxygen will have the following:
Mode-how you give the oxygen
Rate-LPM (liters per minute
Percentage-only if venturi is ordered
O2 tanks
Regulator is attached to tank
Crack it or break seal, this blows out impurities
Pressure gauge is like gas tank in a car
PSI-Pounds per square inch=how much O2 in in the tank
Flow meter= delivers LPM
Christmas tree- adapter between gauge and tubing
RT usually will change o2 tank
Find the O2 tank on your floor
They are combustible, they can turn into a missile
Face Mask
simple face mask use for mouth breather
8-12L will mix with room air
Highest concentration of oxygen
Vents are plugged
Valves prevent rebreather own air
inflate bag before you put it on the client
Prongs flow back, adjust to fit
put 2x2 behind ears, will cause break down
set 1-6 LPM
<4L use humidify O2 because oxygen is very drying
decrees O2 flow=increase bacteria
use distilled or sterile water only
O2 Sat's
Normal is 90-100%
smoking, COPD, and Emphysema will lower O2 Sat's
SPO2 is less invasive then ABG'S
inaccurate reading can be found:
Alkalosis and acidosis
fever or hypothermia
PVD, excessive movement, nail polish, or fake nalis
carbon monoxide poisoning
recent dye injection study
>94% sat's
no distress
= and Bi-lat sound
RR 12-24
no S/S of hypoxia-restless, HA, increase BP, HR, confusion
Cyanosis is late
Ways to clear the airway
Coughing and deep breathing
incentive spirometer
Postural drainage
Cup and clap
remove secretion from phlegm or congestion
improves ventilation and keep airway open
oral and nasal airways stay in pharynx
oral airway only on unresponsive clients
wall suction-mm Hg portable-cm Hg
Adult=100-150 Adult=10-15
Children=100-120 Children=10-12
Infants=80-100 Infants=8-10
Neonate=60-80 Neonate=6-8
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