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Organ Trade (Black Market)

No description

Akshay Kakkar

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Organ Trade (Black Market)

Organ Trade Black Market Introduction
Organ Trade Organ trade is illegal and is done in secrecy in a few places around the world. It is usually done in ‘black markets’ (also known as underground economy). Black markets are an illegal trafficking or trading area known in many small and poor communities. Black markets are like a secret shopping mall, but instead of your usual products, there are illegal items. Organ trade is usually done within a small group, including the donor, the trader, the doctor, and the buyer. In most cases, the doctor and trader is the same person. Organs are hard to come by and sell for a large price. As they come much cheaper in black markets, people buy it through there. Causes There are many causes of organ trading and most times there are the donors who are willing to give their organs. Impacts There are many types of impacts. Culturally Environmentally Medical The impacts of organ trade are very hard hitting, even though there is a willing donor, the procedure is very dangerous and without proper medical assistance, both the donor and the patient may die. Organ trade can cause massive environmental disasters. People are exploiting others' culture in a terrible way. Donors and doctors are going against cultures and traditions. Social If a donor donates an organ, people in or around his community will think of him in a bad way. Economic The Black Market economy is growing stronger with more and more doctors and poor families wanting to take the path of illegal organ trade. Political More and more doctors are taking the wrong path of the Black Market. Hippocratic Oath The Hippocratic Oath is an oath taken by doctors upon their graduation. Youtube Clip Statistics Graph Locations of kidney transplants for Malaysian patients Article Article Link:

http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/world/story/2012-05-14/china-organ-transplant-ban/54964098/1 Key Recommendations Cyber Security: Organs aren't only traded face to face, but also through the internet. Airport Security: Airports should increase their security, this way, it would help reduce organ trading in other countries. Government Laws: Even though organ trade is illegal in all countries (with the exception of Iran), organs are still being traded. Conclusion As you already know, organ trade is a big crime. It is a dangerous procedure that has terrible consequences. Organ trade cannot continue, because if it does, the world will collapse. The economy and environment will fail, along with social groups, hospitals, political groups and cultural beliefs will be defied. By - The Fantastic Quadruplets Akshay, Anthony, Steven & Sartaj
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