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Everything, Everything

No description

Melissa Benitez

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything
By Nicola Yoon

What is this book about?
People can try to protect us from harm's way but in the end it's our own choice if we want to take a risk because nobody can decide our future besides ourselves.
Author: Nicola Yoon
Nicola Yoon was born in Jamaica but moved to Brooklyn, New York. She became a member of the "We Need Diverse Books" team. In her book Everything, Everything her husband, David Yoon, had created the illustrations. Mrs. Yoon also has a daughter.
In the beginning of the book, the reader learns that Madeline is "allergic to life" and can't leave her house or there will be complications. She is constantly checked on by her nurse Carla and on special occasions, her mother.
Rising Action
The rising action is when Madeline goes outside to save Oliver from his father's beating. While this is a surprising event, it leads on to a more dramatic event thus, this scene is the rising action.
Madeline Whittier has a disease called immunodeficiency, in which makes her "allergic to the world." One evening a new family moves into the neighboring house of Madeline's. Madeline begins to fall in love with Oliver (Olly), a character in which she gets to know better mainly through instant messaging. Oliver's dad is an alcoholic and this causes him to be abusive towards his family however, this is normal. But one night Madeline decided to stand up for Olly and went outside to do so. Madeline received a thrill from her experience outside and wanted to go out again but her mother, Pauline, prohibited her. Madeline and Olly ended up escaping to Hawaii together. One day Madeline woke up and felt sick so Olly had called an ambulance, and she found out that she wasn't sick, and also does not have immunodeficiency at all. This was a lie her mother made up in order to protect her daughter from the outside world given that both her husband and son had died in a terrible car accident.
The scene in where Madeline and Oliver run off to Hawaii is the climax. Compared to the rising action, this is more alarming since Madeline is going to be in contact with the outside world for much longer which might kill her or cause complications.
Falling Action
Madeline searches her mother's office and at first can't wrap her head around the idea that she doesn't have a disease. However, she learns that it was all a lie since her mother was being overprotective.
Madeline stops communicating with her mother since Madeline is still angry at her and her actions. However, she tries to get Oliver back.
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