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Pros and Cons of Gun Control Laws

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Elizabeth Mathis

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Gun Control Laws

Pros and Cons of Gun Control Laws I support gun control laws because I believe that limited ammunition for guns purchased by regular citizens (but not for people involved in the military) will help to prevent mass shootings. The killer who is trying to harm others, will be forced to take the ammunition in and out allowing more time for the victims to escape and reach help. Also, background checks will limit the availability of guns to people who are not suited to own them. Creating more gun control laws will keep our community safe. Cons Pros Gun control laws keep our community safer. Background checks and limited size of ammunition magazines help to prevent large tragedies. Guns are used for protection and self-defense. People have a right to own firearms according to
the law. Guns are used as a sport and for purposes of hunting. These laws can prevent harm to innocent people (ex. accidental mishaps involving children) There is a clear link between weak state gun laws and gun violence. Reduces violent crimes created by the use of guns. vs. My Opinion Works Cited:

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3. Picture: http://bestclipartblog.com/clipart-pics/gun-clip-art-1.png By Elizabeth Mathis
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