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Performance Art

No description

shannon dalvano

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Performance Art

Performance Art
By Shannon Dalvano
Performance Art
- Consists of live-action events staged as artworks.
Presented to an audience.
Could be planned or spontaneous.
Can occur anywhere, in any setting, for any length of time.
Performance artists challenge their audience to think in a new or unconventional way.
Allan Kaprow
Allan Kaprow- "Household", 1964, Photo documentation/performance, Ithaca, NY
The first performances Kaprow set up were in the 1960’s called “Happenings”.
“Happenings” were events that began with a simple idea, and continued with spontaneity and improvisation.
Allan Kaprow- "Household", 1964, Photo documentation/performance, Ithaca, NY
Allan Kaprow- "Household", 1964, Photo documentation/performance, Ithaca, NY
Yoko Ono
Ono was associated with the Avant-Garde, Neo-Dada movement of "Non-art"/"Anti-art".
She wrote scripts for her performances, but let chance, and spontaneous audience participation control the outcome.
The artists body & actions of the audience are the art piece.
Yoko Ono- "Cut Piece", 1964, Photo documentation/Performance, Japan.
Yoko Ono- "Cut Piece", 1964, Photo documentation/Performance, Japan.
Main Ideas of "Cute Piece"

1) The traditional male sexual prerogative over the female body.

2) The display of the body for the consuming gaze.

3) Violation and control.

4) The herd mentality among humans.
Ana Mendieta
Cuban artist
"Silueta Series" (1973-1980) created female silhouettes in nature, in mud, sand, or grass. With natural minerals like leaves, twigs, or blood.
Called these "Earth-Body" sculptures.
Nature is the canvas and medium.
Ana Mendieta- "Arbol de la Vida", No. 294, 1977, Photo documentation/body sculpture with artist, Iowa City, Iowa.
Ana Mendieta-"Silueta Series", (1973-1980), Photo documentation, Iowa & Mexico.
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