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Jade's Virtual Classroom

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 6 October 2017

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Transcript of Jade's Virtual Classroom

This H\D helped me to do my Explain Everything for my maths computation strategy.This H\D can also allow me to take photos and videos.
Virtual Classroom

This Software helped me do my computation strategy.Explain everything can also allow me to change the font and colour of the text.
This software helped me conference my narrative with Miss Harris.Skype can also allow me to talk to over 5 friends at once friends from a long distance.
by Jade
This software helped me do my oral presentation on rocks.Vocaroo can allow me to record special moments in my life.
This software helped me send my narrative to Miss Harris.Email can also allow me to send messages to my friends wherever they are.
This H\D helped me to send my email so Miss Harris can upload my maths computation strategy to life.This H\D can also help me to contact my friends and family.
This H\D helped me to see if my maths computation strategy had been uploaded yet.It can also allow me to play games and go on websites.

These H\D can also allow me to take screen shots.
These H\D helped me click on things and type things
School is closed due to construction,but we still need to do work!
We need to be able to do all our work but how?!
What if we can do it digitally?!
A USB can allow me to save all my
presentations so if i ever accidentally
delete it i will have is on my USB.
A USB can also allow me to transfer
something from one device to another.
I'm going to create my own virtual classroom!!!
thank you for watching!!
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