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Closing The Deal

No description

Angela Altazan

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Closing The Deal

Closing The Deal
Keep It
Can You Explain Please!
Like we said, there are many reasons why we should get rid of the penny. One reason is most of the time pennies don't go to use. Many people just throw them away. Right now in the position we are in and with this penny debate, they are becoming wasteful. Tax payers are losing 0.26 of a cent for each one of the 7.4 billion pennies the Mint company produces each year! It actually cost twice as much to make a penny than what the penny is worth.
Watch This
Who is up for it?
According to Time For Kids it says "A 2012 poll shows that 67% of America wants to keep the penny." That means more than half of America want to keep it, therefore us who want to get rid of it will loose this debate.
That's us!
That is our opinion on weather we should keep the penny or get rid of it! What are your opinions and reasons?
Put the Penny Away!
There are many reasons why we should get rid of the penny, but there are also reasons why we should keep the penny. Me and my partner have decided that our country should get rid of the penny.
Get Rid Of It
By: Sarah C. and Sarah S.
This is whats up. Right now, there is a penny debate going on. This debate is between keeping the penny, or getting rid of it. According to Debate.org "50% of America want to keep the penny while 50% want to get rid of it." For some americans, the penny has overstayed its welcome and people have a fear of if we round prices to the nearest nickle, will cost too much. Me and my partner think we should get rid of the penny!
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