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No description

Riley Jones

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Orlando

Orlando, FLA Getting There Climate Places to Stay Entertainment Currency Places to Eat Cuisine Safety I Have Visited in the Past
The Hot Climate
The Many Sights and Attractions I Plan to Fly First Class
On Spirit Airlines
From Detroit Metro Airport to Orlando International Airport
Takeoff: 8:50 a.m.
Flight Length: Approx 2h 36m I Will be Staying 5 Nights Hyatt Place Orlando Universal
4 Star Hotel
Located at 5895 Caravan Court, Orlando, FL
$174 A Night
Motown Cafe
Located at 1000 Universal Studios Plaza , Orlando, FL
Papa John's
Located at 5922 Turkey Lake Rd , Orlando, FL
Hard Rock Cafe
Located at 6050 Universal Blvd , Orlando, FL
Located at 5400 S Kirkman Rd , Orlando, FL
Waffle House
5350 S Kirkman Rd , Orlando, FL

Spend a Day at Each Universal Studios FLA and
Universal's Island of Adventure
Spend a Day at Typhoon Lagoon
Spend a Day at the Beach/Hotel then a night on the town
Spend a Day Downtown Orlando
In July the Temperature is usually around
High - 92 degrees F and Low - 73 degrees F
Hurricane Season is Starting Up
Occasional, Refreshing Rain in the Afternoon $ US Dollar $
1 U.S. dollar = 1.01410005 Canadian dollars Some American Born Food Items are:
Buffalo Wings
Apple Pie
Grilled Meats
Fajita (Texas)
Hot Dog

When Swimming Stay in Boundaries
Don't Swim Alone
Stay Alert for Storms
Watch Out for Sharks
Watch Out for Alligators
Wear Sun Screen
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