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Great Bear Rainforest

No description

Shafai Nadeem

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Great Bear Rainforest

The Great Bear is an ecological treasure
The Great Bear Rainforest is the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest left in the world. It has a population of 3 species of bears which are the Grizzly, the spirit and the black bear, and there are many other species like Snakes, squirrels, bugs, wolves and many marine animals in the rivers and lakes in the area.
Great Bear Rainforest
Located in British Columbia
How does it look?
The home of many bears in Canada.
How do people protect the rainforest?
Some bears like the Atlas bear are already extinct, because of illegal bear skin hunters and tree cutting. When log-cutters come they cut down many trees which habit many of the bears in the area.
Humans try to put the rainforest in spotlight, so people could see it and support it more by not killing bears,not touching natural environment e.g cutting trees,less pollution; ban cars in the area.

Fun Facts
- Endangered species live there. The endangered animals are marine animals- WHALES
An example of a whale which was in the great bear is a killer whale.
-Canadian government protects it by not allowing oil tankers to pollute the rivers and lakes
Illegal events in the great bear rainforest..
Even though there are laws in the great bear rainforest that prohibit log cutting, companies still go for log-cutting. The reason if because they get a lot of money and it helps get more jobs in cities. It's to support their family.
What makes up YOUR eco system
-People are not aloud to go near bears because they could be in grave danger, or they could be hunting the bear.
The great bear rainforest is made up of forestry and mountains. The bears live in the forest part, and many other animals live up in the mountains, like eagles and vultures. The main food source for the bears would be fish that they quickly fish out from the streams and rivers. But, just remember that there are more animals then just bears. There are forest animals like lizards and snakes and squirrels.
How do people have a positive and negative impact on the forest?
Well, most impact that people have are negative. So, basically the negative impacts are that humans usually go into the forest to cut down trees to collect resources. People also use the trees fir the paper. Many people used to go into the forest and hunt bears and kill them, they used the bear skin and the meat.
Sadly, many oil tankers and pipe liners destroy the great bear, because the oil tankers pollute the lakes and streams.
What biotic and abiotic elements are your ecosystem?
Many of the biotic elements are bears and plants.
The rest are abiotic which are mostly the hills, the soil the ground and the water and streams.
Biotic elements:
Bears, plants, weeds, sunflowers, grass, other animals, bugs, moss and trees.
Abiotic elements:
Soil, water, air, rocks, fog and mountains.
Here is a video that introduces the Great Bear
Why are humans drawn to the rainforest?

People are drawn to the forest for multiple reasons. The few important ones are trees and bear skins. How this helps society is because when loggers log, they supply the city with fire wood, and wood to make structures. As for the bear skins (Which are illegal to get) people use them for making coats and jackets.
google images : Loggers
Today, we'll be talking about the great bear rainforest. We will be talking about the forest and it's features, we will also talk about what type of animals live their. But, we will focus mainly on bears throughout the project.
google images: Atlas Bear
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