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Seeing Redd

No description

Daesy Parra

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Seeing Redd

Seeing Redd
Alyss Heart
- Protagonist; Queen of Wonderland
Bibwit Harte
- The tutor of Alyss
Dodge Anders
- One of Alyss's main guardsmen & Alyss's love interest
General Doppelganger
- The military general for Wonderland's army
Homburg Molly
-Alyss's main bodyguard and Hatter's daughter
Hatter Madigan
- Wonderland's most advanced Milliner, Weaver's love interest and Molly's father
- Hatter's love interest and Molly's mother
King Arch
- Antagonist; King of Boarderland
- One of Arch's henchmen; can use any of his fingers to create blisters on your skin.
- One of Arch's henchmen of is a shredder or ripper
The Diamond Family
- Lady of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds and Lord of Diamonds; help Arch and Redd try to defeat Queen Alyss.
Redd Heart
- Antagonist; the aunt of Redd who tries to kill her with her imaginative powers
The Cat
- Redd's main henchman who can morph from a kitten to a ferocious half man and half cat creature.
- One of Bibwit's old colleagues who helps and assists Redd try to come to power
- Vollrath's magician friend who also helps Redd
Tone, Theme & Setting
- suspenseful and mysterious
- "The people you should care about most are the ones that are willing to fight for you."
- Wonderland, Outerwilderbeastia, Boarderland and Earth
Climax, Conflict & Summary
- Hatter finds out that Molly is his daughter and he comes back to Wonderland to find her.
- Alyss has to fight and stop King Arch from trying to take over Wonderland. (man vs man)
- Alyss and her friends must do everything in their power to stop King Arch and Redd from trying to take over her queendom.
Molly wakes to find herself in a room in front of King Arch.
Arch explains to her about his plan and tells her that Hatter Madigan is her father.
King Arch then brings someone into the room- Molly's mom, Weaver.
Redd and the Cat go to Earth and meet one of Bibwit's old colleagues, Vollrath and his magician friend, Sacrenoir.
Glass Eyes start to attack Wonderland, so Hatter goes out to show Alyss that the attacks aren't by Redd.
Alyss gets a call by Arch saying that he knows where Molly is and in order for them to get her back Hatter has to go to the Sin Bin Gaming Club in Boarderton to get her back.
Hatter tells Alyss, Bibwit and General Doppelganger that Molly is his daughter.
Vollrath tells Redd that she must go through the Looking Glass Maze again in order to gain more strength and kill Alyss.
Hatter leaves Wonderland to go to the Sin Bin Gaming Club only to end up having to duel with Ripkins.
They take Hatter to King Arch so he can talk and negotiate with Arch.
King Arch tells Hatter that he must join with him to save Molly's life, so he does.
By: Frank Beddor
Published by: The Penguin Group
Presentation by: Daesy Parra
King Arch comes to Wonderland to negotiate with Alyss.
Jack Of Diamonds escapes the Crystal Mines.
King Arch talks to Jack and tells him about his plan to destroy Wonderland and wants the help of Jack and his family.
King Arch sends his henchmen, Ripkins and Blister, to Wonderland to kidnap Alyss's bodyguard, Homburg Molly.
Wonderland starts to get attacked by hundreds of Glass Eyes.
Alyss, Dodge, Bibwit and General Doppelganger think its Redd attacking, but its really King Arch.
While Molly is in combat, the Lady of Diamonds comes up to her and gives her a box that she tells her to take it to Alyss.
Hatter Madigan goes to Talon's Point to remember his "deceased" love interest, Weaver, and read the letters she gave to him.
While Molly was on her way to give the gift to Alyss, the box explodes and knocks her out.
Ripkins and Blister find her and kidnap Molly.
When Hatter read the last of Weaver's diary, he finds out Homburg Molly is his daughter.
Hatter goes back to Wonderland to try to find Molly.
King Arch shows Hatter his new device that he will use to destroy everything in Wonderland and anything surrounding it, the WILMA,
King Arch asks for Hatter to use caterpillar silk to weave around all throughout Wonderland's capital, Wondertropolis, to activate the WILMA when the time is right.
Redd comes back to Wonderland with her henchmen and starts going to Arch's camp.
A blue caterpillar from the Valley of Mushrooms comes to Alyss to warn her about Redd and King Arch.
Jack goes to all the tribes in Boarderland to try and make them part of Redd's army and the tribes accept to earn their freedom from King Arch.
As Hatter comes back from Wondertropolis, he finds Weaver and they both compromise to go and find their daughter.
They find Molly in a tent with Arch's 8 wives, so he charges in and runs to get Molly.
Redd's army comes to Wonderland and attacks.
While Molly was in combat, a death-ball came in front of her, so Weaver ran in front of Molly and saved her, but it killed Weaver.
Hatter calls Alyss and tells her the truth of where he had been and apologized on his disobedience and failure.
Hatter tells Alyss about WILMA and Alyss tells him to activate it.
Everything in Wonderland gets almost wiped out and makes eveyone unconscious.
Redd and King Arch wake up and leave Wonderland for now.
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