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Challenges On Society

Travis Henricks

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Smoking

Smoking The Challenges on Society The rise of tobacco has been very drastic in a short period of time and if it weren't for certain historical actions, characters and course of events, then maybe cigarette smoking wouldn't play such a major role in a huge number of our lives. People Christopher Columbus Discovery of Tobacco It was around 1000 BC that the Mayan civilization began to chew and smoke the leaves of the tobacco plant, as well as mix the leaves together with herbs and plants and administer the mixture to the wounds of the sick.

As the Mayans dispersed and populated different areas, such as North and South America, they took with them their precious tobacco leaves and plants.

Hundreds of years later during the time of some of the world's greatest European explorers, tobacco was discovered and later brought back to the new world.
Columbus was the first European to see tobacco leaves although he did not smoke them himself. Mayan Tribe Rodrigo de Jerez Rodrigo de Jerez, shortly after, landed in Cuba and observed some of the inhabitants smoking the tobacco leaves. He then proceeded to partake in the smoking act himself.

On his return to Spain Jerez startled his fellow country men by smoking in front of them. Never in their lives had they seen a man with smoke coming out of his mouth and nose. People thought that he was possessed by the devil and members of the Spanish Inquisition imprisoned him for several years. During his imprisonment, smoking actually became quite popular in Spain. ...And the addiction began Once discovered, it became a money maker and entered the market, quickly spreading nation to nation. It was also used as medication. Challenges Health Problems Respiratory Problems
Heart Disease
Impotent Cost
Health Risks
Social Oral Problems Cost
The average cost a smoker spends
per year on cigarettes is $1500 Environment
It is obvious that smoking pollutes the air and quite often the ground. It is not always obvious how or how much smoking pollutes.

Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals which are exhaled and released into the air and the atmosphere.

Approximately 30% of North Americans are smokers, and the percentage goes much higher in developing countries, which means there is a massive amount of pollution being released into the air every day.

Trees are often compared to the lungs in our bodies because they perform basically the same functions as our lungs do on a global scale. With all of the pollutants that the trees filter out for us already it seems almost crazy to add more to the air that doesn’t need to be added. We need to breathe, but no one needs to smoke. Social
Some people may not want to date smokers
Peer pressure may cause people to take up smoking to feel wanted
People may also not be accepted if they do or don't smoke Addiction
Nicotine is the chemical that is craved in a cigarette. Some solutions to help overcome the challenges
society faces as a result to smoking are:

No smoking in public places
No smoking in a vehicle with little kids in the car.
A strict law of 19 years of age to purchase them.
There are many strategies to help quit smoking. They are:

SOLUTIONS Secondhand Smoke Three thousand infants a
year die from second hand smoke. Facts More than 40,000 Canadians, aged 35 or more, are estimated to die annually as a direct result of smoking (30,000 men, 16,000 women).
Tobacco kills over 13,000 Ontario residents each year ,or over
35 per day, compared to 3,000 annual deaths from traffic accidents,
suicides, homicide and AIDS combined. Tobacco kills over 13,000 Ontario residents each year (one-fifth of all deaths in the province), or over 35 per day, compared to 3,000 annual deaths from traffic accidents, suicides, homicide and AIDS combined. Every 8 seconds someone dies from smoking.
nfact, 150 people have died during the
lenth of this presentation.
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