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The Wrongfully Convicted

Katie Kim

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of ROMEO PHILLION

ROMEO PHILLION: HIS STORY INVESTIGATION CURRENT STATUS 31 years in prison TIMELINE Aug 9, 1967: Leopold Roy stabbed to death 1972: Phillion convicted Mar 15, 2003: New trial requested July 21, 2003: Bail for $50,000 Jan 2008: John McCombie March 25, 2009: New trial Feb 1, 2010: Now wants to be acquitted THE WRONGFULLY CONVICTED Parole "I'm going to spend it with my family and take it easy and enjoy my surroundings, eat good food, drink good coffee and spend a lot of time with my cat Tiger," "I'll take advantage of it in a good way. My life from now on will be positive. There'll be no negatives in my life from now on. I leave that behind and I'll have a good life."
St. Joseph's Training School Gail Brazeau Neil Miller 1972: robbery The Innocence Project His Innocence Assocation in Defense of the Wrongfully Convicted Aug 6, 1967: At gas station in Trenton, Ontario 1998: Envelope Police and prosecution documents Sentenced to life in prison "It was all a bad joke that cost me my life." 1994: Simonne Snowden helps clear his name The Innocence Project Osgoode Hall Law School AIDWYC James Lockyer May 2003: Federal Justice Minister - New trial July 21, 2003: David Watt orders Romeo released on $50,000 bail Stephen Truscott Mac Lindsay (Crown Attorney)
John McCombie
Arthur Cogan
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