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Luis Garavito

No description

Rachel Neisler

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Luis Garavito

Garavito was the oldest of seven children and as a child, he was physically and emotionally abused and also stated during his trial that he had been sexually abused when he was younger. He didn't have more than five years of school and with a lack of education, it could lead to anger, fewer opportunities, and social exclusion.
Rape was what sent Garavito on his killing spree and since he was sexually abused as a young boy, this also could have been an additional motive. Garavito didn't want to be the victim anymore and so he put himself in control.
Mental Disorders
Tried to commit suicide and suffered from psychiatric issues and was in psychiatric care for five years.
Nature of Crimes
Garavito's killing spree lasted from 1992-1999 and would target young, impoverished children between the ages of 6-16 and bribe them with money or candy. He would then take them for a walk and once they were tired, he attacked. His method of killing was raping, cutting their throats, and often dismembering the bodies. He admitted to 140 of the killings, but this number could possibly exceed 300.
His Arrest
Garavito helped the police locate more of the bodies and drew a map while he was serving his sentence. This map put the number of victims over 300. He is relaxed and on good terms with his guards.
Convicted for killing over 200 boys and was originally sentenced to two 600 year sentences, but Colombian law only allows a maximum of 40 years and cannot be sentenced to death. This law was changed in 2000 which means that he could be released within 10-20 years. Since he has helped the police in locating bodies, he has been able to lower his sentence.
Adult Life
As an adult, he never settled in one place. He "drifted" from place to place, was an alcoholic, and had psychiatric issues. It is not known if Luis Garavito ever got married.
Due to the Colombian Penal Code, Garavito never had to go to trial because he confessed and they had evidence to prove that he committed these murders.
Luis Garavito
Is he still alive?
Yes. He is currently still alive and in prison serving his sentence.
About Garavito
-Born January 25, 1957 in Genova, Colombia
-Had different nicknames such as "La Bestia", "El Loco", "El Cura", and more
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