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The Eye of Minds

No description

Beau Thompson

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of The Eye of Minds

The Eye of Minds
By James Dashner
Beau Thompson
The theme of 'The Eye of Minds' is that
even if

you know you will not be rewarded, it is always important to do the right thing
. The main character and protagonist Michael is the one who is most impacted by this theme. He is going about his normal day when agents aggressively take him from his home to talk to him about the Virtnet being in dire danger. They give him no choice but to help. Michael is unsure because he knows he could die, but in doing so he could save many lives. He cautiously tells his two friends and decides to .go through with the plan. In doing so, he learns the theme throughout the book. This is a very important theme to learn because it will help a person's character become honest and more trustworthy.
1. '“Your demons are always with you," Skale answered. His voice seemed even raspier than the day before. "Don't you understand that by now? Always with you, impossible to escape. But you never can guess how they might manifest themselves.”'
Creative Response
Plot Chart Pg. 1
The exposition in the 'The Eye of Minds' takes place in a futuristic, crowded world where the only way to get away from the overpopulation is to go into the Virtnet; a realistic computer game where you taste, feel, and hear everything that you do. The main character and protagonist, Michael, whom has very rich parents, can afford the most up-to-date version of the coffin, which is the only way to transfer yourself to the Virtnet.
Creative Response
The Eye of Minds
Total pages: 322
Works Cited
"The Eye of Minds Quotes." By James Dashner. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Oct. 2014.
2. '“My name is Kaine,' it said. 'And I see all.”'
This image relates to the text, because it represents the chinese symbol for integrity. In the text it states that Michael is torn between his demons inside or his integrity. Many lives are at stake. When he is asked to help, he reluctantly agrees. Kaine has other plans in store for him. Kaine uses traps and the death of his friend Bryson to fully test Michael's integrity. This image represents integrity in the best way because it almost perfectly symbolizes the text. In the real world, I believe integrity is one of the most important characteristics.
Plot Chart Pg. 2
A. Michael tries to save a girl from committing suicide and earn XP, but she rips out her chip in her brain which is the only connection to the real world, and kills her permanently. Weird things are happening.
B. Michael is aggressively taken from his home, and is asked to help agents stop a computer terrorist named Kaine who is making these people kill themselves.
C. Michael, Bryson, and Sarah begin an epic mission to stop Kaine going through many puzzling experiences.
Plot Chart Pg. 3
The turning point in 'The Eye of Minds' is when the trio finally finds Kaine and finds out that he is a tangent. A computer generated character that was created to add design to the game, but he developed himself into powerful figure.
Plot Chart Pg. 4
Falling Action:
A. Agents rush into Kaine's hideout and an epic war entwines between Kaine's minions and the agents.
B. Michael escapes the fight and sees Kaine. Kaine uses a very large powerful force to knock Michael backwards and knock him out.
C. Michael wakes up in a small hut, and Kaine appears and tells Michael that he is there to help and is a good guy.
Plot Chart Pg. 5
Michael and his friends defeat the renowned hacker Kaine to save the lives of many across the Virtnet.
The setting of this book is in a video game called the Virtnet, where it brings to life cities, places, and games to create a wonderful experience.
Point of View:
The point of view in 'The Eye of Minds' is first-person.
Man vs. Man
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