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Humans of New York

No description

Bruce Lee

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Humans of New York

Humans of New York
What this book is.
This book is a compilation of the work of photographer Brandon Stanton.
She's been dressing green for 15 years.
This man Gac Filpaj a refugee from the former Yugoslavia. After twelve years of working as a heavy cleaner at Columbia university until 11 pm and studying there after his shift he has graduated with a classics degree.
This man is 99 and according to him "every thing from the neck down is sh*t but everything from the neck up is as good as everyone elses! how lucky is that?"
This is the worlds oldest bare foot water skier his name is banana George. he's 97.
On the left is Donny Diamonds,
world class billiards player.
On the right is doc Astro, international
slingshot champion.
This guy fought for 26 months. 8 countries. 3 units. 6 campaigns. 1 invasion. he got the Legion of Honor, the Bronze Star and the order of the great patriotic war.
This homeless alcoholic guy has one dream, and its to go fishing.
These guys do house music.
This is black wolf the dragon master. He asks people to feed cash to his dragon.
This guy is a japanese boxer
In between studying for a PH.D in neuroscience he performs in burlesque shows.
This guys wife's nickname was Ba, his was La, when she died he changed his name to Bala.
"To them I'm mommy"
This guy can tie a tie while driving down the road at 65 miles per hour
On summer days in Washington square park this man can be found sitting in the fountain.
by: jarrah
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