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Outgoing Global Internship Programme (oGIP) in AIESEC UPM

What do we do in oGIP department? Look at this! :)

Khai Shin Hew

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Outgoing Global Internship Programme (oGIP) in AIESEC UPM


Step 1
Hunt for potential youths in UPM!
Step 2
Arrange interview for them to test their suitability in this GIP!

(We would be the interviewers!)
Step 3
Help them to get selected by their favourite company overseas!
Deliver life-changing experience!!!!
We are sending youths to working abroad as an intern!
Prepare them to fly!
Treat them as your buddy!
How about me?
Communication Skills
Pre-employment Criteria
Professional Networking
Interview Skills
Selling Skills
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