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Piping for Penguins

No description

Jill Jones

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Piping for Penguins

Ed Dabrowski, Jill Jones, Don Morales, Lisa Perchard
Understanding the Filtration Process
1. Water is pumped into the main system
2. Sand filters
3. Ozone filters
4. Charcoal filters
5. Bubble removal tower
6. Water chiller
Scope and Limitations
What we excluded:

Certain aspects of the main system
Alternative housing for the penguins during construction
Zoo keeper access
Research Methods
Piping for Penguins will provide an emergency backup system.
60,000 gallons of recycled fluids cycle hourly
Staff on call 24 hours
No current bypass system
Automated system stops if there are problems
Piping for Penguins
Scope and Limitations
Research Methods
Filtration Process
Exhibit Tank
Sand Filters
Ozone and Carbon Filters
Water Chiller
Proposed Solution
Skid Contents
Skid Mounted Membrane Filtration System
Membrane vs. Granular Filtration

An alternate water preparation system for the penguins at the Calgary Zoo

- Health and sanitation
- Water flow
- Conform to space constraints
To be used in the event of an emergency
What we considered:

Amount of water to be processed
Sanitation requirements
Facility size
General maintenance

Something different and interesting
Not directly related to oil and gas
The Calgary Zoo Penguin Plunge exhibit would greatly benefit from a secondary water filtration system. A skid-mounted water filtration system would be the best solution given the space and energy constraints.
Recommendation #1
A secondary system would be beneficial for the Calgary Zoo Penguin Plunge
Recommendation #2
The secondary system should be simplified in comparison to the main system, and focused
on maintaining water movement and cleanliness
Recommendation #3
The secondary system should be manually run as opposed to the automated main system
Recommendation #4
Retain pump and pipe sizing where possible for ease of maintenance and repair
Recommendation #5
Use of filter membranes in place of sand filtration to work within size and volume constraints
Site visits
ENGD305, ENGD378, & PROJ357
Reg Erhardt Library
AutoCAD 2015
CADWorx 2013
The Piping Guide
Online sources
Recommendation #6
Including a water chiller is not necessary due to the concrete construction of the building, and the short amount of time the bypass system will be implemented for
Recommendation #7
Due to the intended short term use
of the secondary system, adding in ozone and charcoal filters is not beneficial, and could be potentially harmful
What is included:
Membrane filter, c/w 6 filter cartridges
Backwash tank
Skid Contents
Proposed Solution
Skid-mounted water filtration secondary system
Space constraints
Limited time the secondary system will run
Power availability
Reduced components decreases probability of issues
Skid Contents Continued
Where the secondary system differs from main system:
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We've come to the tail end of Piping for Penguins.
The current process at the Calgary Zoo Penguin Plunge:
Particles are physically strained from the water
No coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation facilities required [10]
Reduced chemical storage, handling, and residual-handling facilities
Allows membrane plants to be more compact and automated [10]
Membrane Filtration vs. Granular Filtration
Filtered water turbidity from membrane filters is independent of the concentration of particulate matter in the feed [10].
Membrane Filtration vs. Granular Filtration...
Rapid granular filtration is sensitive to fluctuations in raw-water quality and the experience of the plant operators. [10]
Prepared for the Calgary Zoo & PROJ357 Capstone 2015-04-21
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