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Negative Effects of Social Media

No description

Lorene Lowe

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Negative Effects of Social Media

By Lorene Lowe Negative Effects of Social Media What is social media? Devices that are used most with social media include: What makes social media bad... Cyberbullying Online Predators Dependability Social media is the media that allows interaction between people. - Cyberbullying Many of the people online are not who they say they are. They use different names, pictures, and information to trap others into thinking they are real, but aren't. Cyberbullying is the use of electronic devices to pick, or mess, with someone. It is the leading cause of depression and one of the leading types of bullying. Many people are becoming dependent upon social networking sites. They are very addicting and can take up a person's every day life. - Online Predators - Dependability - Viruses/ Hacking - Health Risks Weight Spending too much time online can cause obesity. Viruses/Hacking People can get into your network if you put out too much information. 43% of people go through it, but they do not admit it A little over 20% of people meet up with others from different online websites. This can result to being kidnapped, stalked, and more. To avoid this, a person can limit conversation and do not correspond with people they do not know, no matter how curious they are. Block those or report the ones who seem to be doing harm to you. Go to a trusted adult. They can help in tremendous ways. It can work on a person's mental and emotional state by creating a need to be on networking sites. Depressed, stressed, mad, and in some cases hurt. Use time wisely and do not spend much time online. The average person spends more than 6 hours with social media. Baiting Doxing Click-jacking If it is extremely personal, do not share it online! Most of America ARE obese. It is mostly a problem with children and teens. Take time off from social media networks and work out, to feel better and look better. Questions? Fun Facts Each day, the world spends about 10.5 billion minutes on Facebook The Unites States spend 20 minutes and 45 seconds on social websites while Singapore spends 38 minutes and 45 seconds on websites 39% of people say social networking sites create and ease loneliness How can it happen? Sending harsh messages Spreading rumors Teasing and taunting Defamation Online predators are adult internet users who exploit vulnerable children and teens for harsh purposes. A virus is a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer Hacking is originally a hacker who tinkers with any kind of system, mechanical or electrical, in order to better understand how it works Catfish the Show Conclusion Cyberbullying is not confined and can happen to anyone at any time. Online predators can be anyone When you become dependent, it becomes your life. Be aware of what information and websites you are on. Always take time to have physical fun too
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