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Brand Strategy: TOMS

No description

raelyn farley

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Brand Strategy: TOMS

Brand Strategy:
Brand Equity
Brand Equity
Marketing Activities & Promotions:
Community involvement is vital: constant attempt to increase exposure
Word of mouth advertising: sticker and flag, social media & blogs
TOMS customers and corporate sponsors post pictures, comments, and ideas
Started “One Day without Shoes” to promote the importance of shoes for children in need
Day of reflection where participants walk around barefoot
Post & blog about their experiences
Classic example of

Brand Story: What is TOMS Brand Story?
Founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006
Mycoskie witnessed poverty in Argentina
Realized barefoot children suffered from a variety of diseases & infections
Noticed comfortable farm shoes “Alpargata” worn by locals inspired the “One for One” movement.
TOMS: "Shoes for tomorrow"
Brand promise
: For each pair of shoes sold,TOMS donates a pair to a child in need.

By Gerald Blount, Raelyn Farley, Daniel Kupferberg & Scott Mataya
How does TOMS' position its' brand within the market?

Socially focused company:

a business of “philanthropic capitalism” or “social entrepreneurship"

Target Market:
“Gen Y” demographic ages 18-25 years old
Consumers interested in "meaningful fashion"
Customer is fashionable & socially responsible
Brand Positioning
Competitive frame of reference:
casual and comfortable footwear for men, women & children for everyday use

Clarks, Reef, Sketchers, Keds & Converse

Toms Competitive Advantage & Points of Difference:
“One for One” brand promise
Authentic Argentinian design of shoes

Sold in over 500 retailer locations worldwide including:
Nordstrom's, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Whole Foods, and Urban Outfitters

Retailers support the company’s mission
Purchase in bulk and then sell for a profit
Sold in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, and France

Brand Positioning
Brand identity: unique style
Tom’s logo sewed to each shoe: resembles Argentina's flag
Logo signals customers support of company’s mission.
Customers take pride in knowing that they are helping a child in need when they purchase a pair of TOMS.
Added brand value is unique to TOMS and creates a brand community when people join the "One for One" movement.

Marketing Activities & Promotions:
"TOMS Campus Clubs"

Groups of students at high schools and colleges who spread the message about TOMS Shoes
Funded on premise of helping children in need
Hold events to educate others about how important shoes are to children’s lives

“Style Your Sole” Parties
Individuals get together and decorate plain TOMS canvas shoes
Parties can be large or small, from baby shows to large community events
These parties not only appeal to the artistic individual, but it also introduces the brand to other party-goers.
When a party orders more than 25 pairs TOMS gives 10% off

Brand Equity
Added Associations:
Co-branded with charities:
Partnered with
“Save the Children”
which provides TOMS shoes to needy children in US

TOMS website highlights its supporters:
Save the Children, Child Fund International, Helen Keller International, Feed the Children, and World Vision

Joint marketing efforts allows consumers to make donations directly from TOMS’ website to one of their giving partners

Brand Equity
Brand Equity
Added Associations:
with corporations
Ralph Lauren

worked with TOMS to develop a co-branded Polo Rugby shoe

Element Skateboard

joined forces with TOMS to fashion limited edition TOMS and Element shoes, in which they donated a pair to a child in need for each pair sold

Brand Extension
TOMS original “Alpargata”shoe design was worn by farmers in Argentina
Shoe is made from canvas or fabric material
Original soles were rope but were changed to rubber to cater to US market

Brighter shoe colors and designs were created
TOMS introduced different shoe styles:
line extension
“Botas” & “Cordones for both genders
Wrap boots and wedges for women
Velcro Alpargatas for children

Created new lines of specialty shoes:
“Vegan TOMS” and the “Wedding Collection.”

Vegan TOMS- 70% recycled plastic bottles and 30% hemp
Extremely sustainable product
Reinforces socially conscious brand image

Wedding Collection- comfortable shoes for weddings & other formal events

Brand Extension
TOMS Brand Mix:
TOMS t-shirts, sweatshirts & caps
TOMS flag, stickers, necklaces, phone covers, and gift cards.
TOMS Eyewear- One for One guarantee
"90% of people who are blind or visually impaired live in developing countries"
Product expansion & sustainable growth: helping more people

Brand Extension
TOMS has given away more than 10 million pairs of shoes in over 60 countries.

Additional steps can be taken to enhance the brand

Offer TOMS in more well known retailers

Macy’s, Lord & Taylor & other large retailers

Celebrity Endorsements:
Ben Affleck- promotes at no cost
TOMS is perceived as being very trendy
Recruit more endorsements from celebrities & other popular public figures
Helps promote the brand- puts a face to the brand
Increase public acknowledgment

Social entrepreneurship: Revolutionized by TOMS “One for One” Movement
Brand strategy & promise
Reinvention & expansion of products
Profitable, sustainable & charitable global brand

Create a multinational website
Help consumers that don’t speak English
Promote the brand around the world

TOMS relies on social media and word of mouth for advertising
Increase advertising:
significant increase exposure and reach

How does TOMS position its’ brand within the market?
What are TOMS’ sources of brand equity?
What are TOMS’ sources of brand equity?
How has TOMS expanded its’ brand mix?
How has TOMS expanded its’ brand mix?
How has TOMS expanded its’ brand mix?
What can TOMS do in the future to enhance its’ brand?
What can TOMS do in the future to enhance its’ brand?
What can TOMS do in the future to enhance its’ brand?
Brand Positioning
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