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No description

Fiona T

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of GRAVITY

Main Characters
Dr. Ryan Stone is a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, Matt Kowalsky.

Disaster occurs during spacewalk.

Who will survive?

About the Reviewer
Pete Hammonds has been a movie critic for about 20 years.

He had became Maxim's first full time national critic.
Film Review
The review is about how "there was no movie like Gravity since 1968 when 2001 A Space Odyssey came out."

The "Human element" in space.
Fiona T.
English 9 Advance
Mr. Landefeld
August 10, 2014

Works Cited
Sandra Bullock- Ryan Stone

George Clooney- Matt Kowalsky

Actor Character in movie

George Clooney Matt Kowalsky

Actress Character in movie

Sandra Bullock Ryan Stone
I agree to what Pete Hammond said about the movie Gravity.

I was on the edge of my seat during the whole movie.

One boring part.
Filming Techniques
The camera angle set so audience could see face of characters while in their space suit.

The sound effects made movie even more intense.
Filming Techniques cont.
Frightened expression on Dr. Stone's face.

Sound of the radio and its static.

Technology Used
Arri Alexa Classics cameras that was equipped with wide Arri Master Prime lenses was used during the space scene.

Then a Arri 765 camera using 65mm film was used during the earth scene.
Archetypes- Ryan Stone

Archetypes- Matt Kowalsky
Matt Kowalsky would be the hero.

Strong, even before death.

Sacrificed life.
Ryan Stone would be the explorer.

She had experience an adventure in space.

Experience something that not many could.
Other Characters
Ed Harris- Mission Control
Phaldut Sharma- Sheriff
Amy Warren- Explorer Captain
Basher Savage- Russian Space Station Captain
During the Film Making Process
George Clooney took Sandra Bullock out of her shell.

Because of Clooney, there was more laughter and smiles.

Bullock has became more talkative because of him.
Technology Used Cont.
"A "Light Box," made of 196 panels, each containing 4096 LEDs."

A giant machine rig that is "more than 20 feet (6 meters) tall and over 10 feet (3 m) wide."

"Hollywood’s latest blockbuster Gravity was filmed by robots. Four giant industrial robots whisked props, lights and even actors around the set in a ballet of split-second precision, as well as doing the camerawork. They call it cinematic automation."
Works Cited Cont.
Filming Techniques Cont.
"One moment you're inside the spacesuit helmet Bullock's character, her breath whispering in your ears. The next, you're a kilometer out from the International Space Station hearing her only as distant radio chatter, then you're up close with co-star George Clooney's character — and there hasn’t been a cinematic cut." by Dave Brody, Space, Science and Culture Writer | October 03, 2013 06:39pm ET
About the Video
Shows Conflict.

Movie trailer.


About the Clip
Process of movie making.

Some equipment and technology they used.
Film Review
Reviewer- Pete Hammond
Agreement or Disagreement Cont.
This movie had unpredictable events occurring, both happy and sad.

Feel the danger of space.
IMDb.com, 4 October 2013. Web. 20 August 2014.
The Heroic
The Call to Adventure
Dr. Stone was called to a mission out in space.

Accompanied by Kowalsky and crew.
Refusal.... or Not
Dr. Stone did not refuse mission.

Her job and no experience.

Kowalsky had never experienced extreme danger in space.
Dr. Stone, Kowalsky, and the crew entered space.

Not knowing what's going to happen.
Belly of the Whale
Got to destination and worked.

Everyone was working and talking all.

All clueless.
Dr. Stone was engrossed into her work.

Was warned about debris

Wanted to finish mission.
Atonement with
the Father
Ultimate Boon
Magic Flight
Rescued From Without
During struggle to get home she had a dream.

Kowalsky was still alive.

Gave help and courage.
Crossing the
Return Threshold
Freedom to Live
Debris from RS, and death

Destroyed both the

Estimated 90 minutes.
Sacrifice, and letting go.

Guided to safety.

Alone and dreams.
New mission.

Get back to Earth.

Promise to Kowalsky.
Found Chinese space station

Ride back home.

Entered the
Shenzhou capsule
just in time
Fire in ISS.

Went the Soyuz trying to get to the Chinese space station Tiangong.

Fire extinguisher.
Back to Earth.

Only survivor.

Kowalsky's last words.
"Plot Summary"
. IMDb.com. Web. 20 August 2014.
"Criticwatch" Criticwatch RSS. WordPress platform, RSS tech. Web. 21 August 2014.
Brody, Dave "Making 'Gravity': How Filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón Created 'Weightlessness' Without Spaceflight"
Space.com, 03 October 2013. Web. 21 August 2014.
"How robots filmed Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, ‘Gravity’"
. WordPress.com, 21 August 2014.
Evidence #2
Anecdotal Evidence #1
Anecdotal Evidence #3
Full transcript