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Gaming and Obesity

for class

badrinarayanan ramakrishnan

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Gaming and Obesity

The World Of Gaming Diet Doesnt Matter Obesity- A real Problem PC Games were the first to go online

Today, Game Consoles Have WIreless Capability. Incentive to game?

e-Sports leagues give away as much as $50,000 Eating Habits are often unhealthy.
LAN parties are NOT a thing of the past. Exer-Gaming
Although not a substitute to outdoor activities
Are an effective means to burn calories. The First of the e-games Dance Dance Revolution New forms of exergaming are on their way to substituting outdoor activities. GAmes like Counterstrike have been ruling the fps genre in PC games for over a decade Does Gaming cause Obesity? Obesity is defined as an excess of fat in BMI Lifestyle- Eating Habits (including Snacking)

Physical Exercise. An Elaborate Setup?
CDC Officials , Researchers Blowing Hot Air
To get their hands on more grant money Studies looked into the relationships between the frequency of game play and obesity researchers expected to find that gaming ‘did’
encourage a sedentary lifestyle results were contradictory e Game study three hundred and thirty participants aged between 10 and 14 way to promote physical activity in children 20 schools in West Virginia received e-Game equipment in September of 2005 to be included in PE classes show that the games increased hand-eye co-ordination improved cardiovascular fitness Electronic Gameplay, Obesity and psychological functioning Psychology comes into play
When exercise is hidden behind a layer
of fun Ow wives of war
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