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Planning a Menu

Session 2 Management by Menu

Christopher Wing

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Planning a Menu

It starts ...
with the menu
based on business
developing a
menu strategy

understanding the product
and the market ...
finding a market for the product
the product doesn't change
even when the market does

... the
product changes
to fit the market
first, we take what we know
from our own information ...
sales mix data
ideas from staff & guests
successful specials
seasonal menus
also ...
what's hot
market research firms (can be expensive)
federal government
financial newspapers and periodicals
trade associations (National Restaurant Association)
convention & visitor bureaus / chamber of commerce
trade shows
culinary associations

American Culinary Federation (ACF)
learn from competitors'
successes & failures
our own situation ...
cost structure
rent expense
ingredient expense & supplier leverage
cost and availability of capital
market research
interviews & observations
product as viewed by potential customer

focus groups
If we started with the menu ...
we can end with the experience

skills and resources ...
number of menus
planning of menus
take advantage of
seasonal appeal
pricing opportunities
remember to include
the lead time needed for ...
equipment purchase & delivery
menu printing
Point Of Sales configuration
recipe refinement and menu cuttings
final recipe costing
feedback and training
depends on the type of restaurant
number of outlets
hours of operation
size of facility
California Style
The Meal Plan
order of service
the courses and the sequence

Il primo
Il secondo
Il contorno
Il dolce

roadside snack bar or food trucks
an informal place often family-run eating establishment
coffee shop
limited barista bar or more
often breakfast & lunch,

fast food
grab & go
quick service
dinner specialty
fine dining
special occasion
off site
event halls
... crostini, bruschetta
... pasta, minestrone or risotto
... osso bucco, veal scallopini
... rapini, insalata mista
... tiramisù, zabaglione

usually organized in the order they are eaten
... with specific training for:

how the guest is greeted
how the guest is seated
what china, flatware and glassware is set at the table
when the menus are presented
when the beverage order is taken
if and when bread or basket, crackers, butter, olive oil etc. are presented
if and when an amuse bouche is presented
what sort of condiments are brought
what plates are removed when and how
how to perform the call-back
problem resolution
when and how to present the dessert menu
coffee and tea service
serving of cordials
check presentation and settlement
coat retrieval and valet
Menu Item Variety
methods of preparation
center of the plate
ingredients and accompaniments
tastes, color, texture, cut and garnish
doesn't mean cheap
... a chef can,
through the use of culinary

so, how many items are right for a menu?
depends ...
few is easier to control
... maybe not enough variety
but,too many may confuse guests
guests appreciate
variety of choices
balance in menu
of light & heavy
healthy and vegetarian alternatives
dishes appropriate to the restaurant
type of menu
banquet menus are usually extensive
breakfast menus often large
fast food is limited ... sticks to theme
full service has variety, less themed
breakfast menus
various menus
Breakfast Menus
Brunch Menus
Luncheon Menus
Afternoon Menus/ Coffee and Tea House
Dinner Menus
Formal Dinner Menus
Evening Menus
Special Occasion Menus
Party Menus
Tea Menus
Reception Menus
Buffet Menus
Tapas and Tasting Menus
Menus for Patrons’ Special Needs
Senior Citizens’ Menus
determining the menu item
cost of sales (COS)
and the menu cost of sales
as an aside ...
for some really fast food
you might try local specialties
who we are
what we offer
who's our guest
how do we design the
best menu
for our place
apply ...

menu analysis
but the most influential factors are
hospitality skills
culinary skills
business skills
menus types ...
in ...
after a lot of hard work ...
it's nice to see success
create value
for customers
notice ...
no additional cost !
oh ... and before leaving
the subject of value ...
let's determine the right price ...
to give our guests a value
to cover our expenses
and make a profit
... be careful with "rules"
explanations are helpful,
but regulations are onerous.
creates value
how you do business
(the business model)
doesn't change,
menu engineering
change the product for the market ...
breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, specials, etc.
number of menu items
extensive, limited, special occasion
lots of kinds of menus
just a few
types of menus ...
À la carte Menu
Table d’hôte Menu (prix fixe)
Du Jour Menu
Limited Menu
Cycle Menu
the specifics that make
our restaurant unique
are we there yet?
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