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World Environment Organization ?

Do we need a World Environment Organization? Yes? No? WE are the World Environment Organization? Find out more and contribute.

cesar harada

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of World Environment Organization ?

Do we need a World Environment Organization (WEO)? YES NO We are the WEO WEO has an International court of Justice for the Environment. WEO based in Nairobi where UNEP is
(United Nation Environment program). WEO is sitting next to the WTO
(World Trade Organization) We have a central office We are completely de-centralised We keep national sovereignty above international agreements and global Environmental interests. We are a developping country and
we dont want any limitation to our growth. We refuse any new International Authority. We are organised by tasks (Air, soil, water,
energy, Climate, toxic, sustainable trade...) We are organized by geographic regions. We are organized by countries, ethnies. We finance NGOs and "Institutionalize"
them. WEO becomes a "label". We create thousands of new (expensive) programs, doubling existing NGOs programs. We have our central office in Nairobi Kenia where the UNEP is. We have antennas in all strategical places. We are a powerful bureaucracy. The constitution and functionning of the WEO is similar to the one of the WTO in oder to compete - collaborate efficiently. The WEO initially is a weak simple structure with no initial power, but case after case it grows in credit and power (British model). The WEO has a complete ideology, ethic code, deontology, a charter such as the Human Rights : the Environement Rights. The WEO goes through the process of writting its recognized by every states to claim sovereignty and start functionning. We mostly keep UNEP structure and expand its budget, constitution, capacities, network. We transform UNEP in WEO, but totally change how it works and make it independent from UN (United Nations). We set up groups of action to address problems directly.
Libertarian model. We set up collective calendars and funds and equally redistribute.
Communistic model. We put all the initiatives in a competitive pool, it is about the efficiency of each person or group. Meritocratic model. We "recycle" all UNEP staff and put more people under their direction. We blend UNEP staff with a new generations of bureaucrats We inject UNEP network within "new" UNEP WEO itself. UNEP becomes WEO and absorbs many other internation instances Actions People Most urgently we should build the International court for the Environment hello world Hello Eugene
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