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Evolutionary Arguments Against the Existence of a God


Anyalemma Igwe

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Evolutionary Arguments Against the Existence of a God

Man vs 'Maker' Evolution Conclusion Steven Pinker, a Psychology Professor at Harvard argues that 'no competent engineer would have planned' a 'history of trial-and-error tinkering'. Evolution is the argument put forward by the majority of scientists which claims that the biological world that we live in today is the culmination of millenniums of natural trial and error. Evolution is argued by some, such as Richard Dawkins, to disprove the existence of God because it eliminates the so-called 'ignorant reliance' on a God to create life. No totally competent and intelligent designer would create something without making sure that it is completely flawless. Therefore, as we are not flawless it is as if we are a prototype human, on which God endlessly tries to improve, hence evolution. This already shows that God is not perfect, but also, such 'improvements' do not always benefit mankind. For example, the reason humans have allergies is because our immune system has overly evolved. In conclusion, the world cannot have been created by a totally perfect entity, for there are too many evils and flaws in this world to imply such a perfect causer. However, those with theistic religious beliefs are taught by their religion that an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent God created all existence, for example the Christian God. Pinker also questions the 'moral design of nature' which is as 'bungled as its engineering design'. He questions 'What twisted sadist would have invented a parasite that blinds millions'? Pinker goes on to state that 'if an 'intelligent designer' lived on earth, people would break his windows'. Finally, Pinker rightly claims that 'we can prove mathematically and scientifically' that life-forms can be 'naturally created'. There are too many unjust inconsistencies in humans for a God to be the cause of life. For example, Why would God make some humans without empathy? How can such injustice be the work of an omnibenevolent God?
This cannot be intentional. If it is intentional, God is not in any way loving, and if it is a divine mistake, God cannot be perfect, and in such a case, God cannot be the cause of the world because he is no longer perfect.
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