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City State Project

No description

Joelle Cianciosa

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of City State Project

By: Helen Gibson and Joelle Cianciosa Government Type Monarchy: Our ruler is Joelle Paige, and she has been ruling for only 4 years so far, but she has been one of out best leaders yet Customs: When a new baby is born, glitter is sprinkled on their head, symbolizing their induction into society Best Known For Our Tropical Weather Religion The majority of our society is catholic. They believe that you should go to church and read the bible to learn about God and his miracles as well as teachings. Main Cities ~ Sparkleton: This is where much of our farming takes place
such as the farming of potatoes, peanuts, hazelnuts
and cocoa beans

~ Shinetopia: This is our capital, as well as the location of our
Adopt-A-Koala program Intellectual Activity Schools We have schools for
all ages up through, and
including, college Community We rescue sick or hurt koalas from
the wild. Once they are healthy
again,they are entered into our
Adopt-A-Koala program On your 16th birthday you do a day of community service of your choice, this is done to show greatfulness to all the community has given you The name of our city-state symbolizes our
individuality and ability to express oneself
however they may like Major Issue Our city-state is very technologically advanced..almost too much. People rarely just go outside and hang out, and technology is depended upon for everything. Though this isn't necessarily terrible, it's not the best thing either. Main Food Sources Potatoes
Peanut Butter Main Food Sources Potatoes
Peanut Butter
Nutella Money System We use the American money system, we
have both paper bills as well as coins. Language We use the English language.
We also use their alphabet.
We use two different ways of
writing, print and cursive. Best Known For Out international Adopt-A-Koala program Specialization of Jobs Farmers We need farmers to grow
the crops needed to provide us
food, such as potatoes and peanuts. Technology Researcher Though technology is taking over
the city-state, it is still one of out main jobs
because so much technology is used. Teacher There is need for many
teachers due to the fact
that schooling is available
to all ages. Institutions We are well known around the world for out international
Adopt-A-Koala program. We rescue sick and injured Koalas from the wild and care for them until they're adopted. Enemies Our one and only enemy is Sheranopolis. They are always trying to expand their city-state, which means they constantly attack us. We have no choice but to fight back, often many are lost in the battle for our land. Traditions April 2 is family day. On this day, you spend time with your family and show your appreciation for each other because without family, we wouldn't be anywhere. THE END
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