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Bollywood Dance

No description

Annie Leekha

on 3 March 2018

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Transcript of Bollywood Dance

Elements & Steps
Why is this dance
This dance is popular because the bollywood music is a mash-up of modern/contemporary and is a mixture of international music and so are it's dance steps.

Bollywood dance is
• A
• B
• C
• D

That is why it is so popular

History & Origin J
Bollywood Dance
By:Japkirat & Annie

Where is this dance portrayed?
-Most commonly shown in Bollywood movies with songs
-Famous performers are usually all movie stars
-some include:
• Originates from India, Bombay (Mumbai)

• Started in the year 1899 in India

• Bollywood dance style is a mix of many different dance styles including Hip Hop, contemporary and folk

•"Bollywood" was created by combining two names, Bombay (the city now called Mumbai) and Hollywood

• Originated from Indian classical and folk dance

• At first, Bollywood dancers were men as it was not considered respectable for women to appear in films and dance

• Bollywood dance was usually shown in the Indian movies during the songs

• Over the years this has been mixed with popular Western dance forms

- Most of the Bollywood movies are musicals
- Also very popular in Indian Tv serials here are some well know indian T.V serials
- these are some of the famous bollywood movies
Jhalak Dikhlaja
T.v. Serials
Boogie Woogie
Nach Baliye
India's Dancing Superstar
Prabhu Deva
Famous Choreographers
Saroj Khan
Prabhu Deva
Ganesh Acharya
Shiamak Davar
Terrence Lewis
Farah Khan
Remo D'Souza
Thank You for listening to our presentation .We hope you enjoyed it and learned lots from this presentation.
Thank You! Before we go we have a quick video to show you
There are three main elements of dance
• Stimulus( idea for choreography)
• Improvisation( playing aroud with that idea)
• Motif (design or sequence of steps)
There could be number of steps used depending on the main elements
Different levels are being used depending on the nature of the music. Mostly high levels are being used in Bollywood to give energy and happiness to the audience.

Bollywood dancing is all about stimulus which means to excite or evoke (to bring out emotions)

Different directions are also being used depending on the levels and motif (the idea behind it).
Links To Dance
• Wikipedia
• YouTube by typing "Bollywood
yahoo anwsers
wiki anwsers
Shapes and Speeds of the Dance
Any shape can be used such as:
• Line
• Semi-cicle/circle & etc.
depending on the theme and number of people dancing

Different tempo/speed is used depending on the nature of the music such as fast, slow and stop
Ranbir Kapoor
Here is an example of Bollywood dance. Please enjoy and dance to the music.


Now a days Bollywood dance is more freestyle with loud, vibrant and exciting sounds. There is low and high levels and some medium levels and all directions.
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